Lana Del Rey Album Leaked Link On Twitter and Reddit, Twitter Reacts

Published:Nov 29, 202312:24
Lana Del Rey Album Leaked Link On Twitter and Reddit, Twitter Reacts

Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album Club Chemtrails at the Country Club ‘has leaked online. The album was decided to release on March 19, 2021. Some of the Twitter and Reddit users agreed to listen to some of its songs prior to release. Here is the full update about Lana Del Rey Album Club Chemtrails Leaked Link online.

Fans of Lana were surprised to learn that the singer’s album has been leaked online. People came to know about the leak through Twitter and Reddit discussion. Even though some users have heard the album, Lana’s devoted fans assured her that they would wait for the official release.

Lana Del Rey Leaked Album Link

A thread by a Reddit user noting that people leaked the album after Lana’s latest album was leaked. The source said: “Looks like someone delivered their CD prior to the release and leaked the album.”

Another user, confirming this, wrote that he replied to the thread, “I remember someone in DD posting how they found out that their vinyl was found quickly and leaked it.”

Subsequently, people responded and reacted on Twitter. While some fans confessed to listening to his leaked album, others requested to wait for the official release.

“If you decide to leak the album, then you need to know that doing so is hurting many ppl, including Lana, who worked so hard on the album. You are all hurting on PPL, who made Lana’s Have worked on it together and you are hurting their fans as well. Leaking is so outrageous, “one user wrote.

Another user added, “@LanaDelRey I just want to say, don’t work! Real Lana hasn’t heard of the leaks yet, and we wait until you release the album officially do. ”

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The album is scheduled to release on March 19, 2021on Friday. Lana opened in an Instagram post from January about her upcoming album. Sharing a picture of the album cover, he wrote, “Always upheaval and upheaval and in between- always beautiful music also featuring my new album Chemistrail at the country club.”

These are the songs that are available on her latest album.

White Dress

Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Tulsa Jesus Freak

Let Me Love You Like a Woman

Wild at Heart

Dark But Just a Game

Not All Who Wander Are Lost


Breaking Up Slowly

Dance Till We Die

For Free

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