Know Yoga Asana Names in Sanskrit and English Ahead of International Day of Yoga 2021: From Shirshasana to Virabhadrasana; Practice These Yoga Poses in the Comfort of Your Home

International Day of Yoga is round the nook and individuals throughout the world are excited to observe the international occasion. Every 12 months, the international group come collectively to have a good time International Day of Yoga on June 21. The event of International Day of Yoga focuses on well being, be it bodily, psychological, or emotional, and educate individuals about its significance in each day life. This 12 months, the official theme of International Day of Yoga is “Yoga for well-being”. If you might be fond of health and in search of some of the necessary Yoga asanas which you’ll practise at residence, you might be at the proper place.

Be it in a standing place, seating, bending ahead/backwards, or reclining postures, a number of sorts of yoga asanas could be tried at residence. At SociallyKeeda, we carry you the listing of hottest and straightforward Yoga workouts, together with their Sanskrit and English names, which you may practise simply on the event of International Day of Yoga.

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International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 1: Sukhasana

One of the best Yoga asanas any particular person can carry out is Sukhasana. In this, the individual sits cross-legged merely, together with his arms positioned firmly round the knees. It is helpful in meditation.

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International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 2: Shirshasana | English: Yoga Headstand

Shirshasana is one of the hardest Yoga asanas one can strive. It is taken into account each an asana and mudra in hatha yoga as effectively. In this inverted asana, the particular person has to steadiness their physique on the head. It is claimed to be the king of all yoga asanas.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 3: BaddhaKonasana | English: Butterfly/Cobbler’s Pose

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BaddhaKonasana, additionally popularly referred to as Bhadrasana or Throne Pose, is a seated Yoga asana in hatha yoga which is appropriate for meditation. There are a number of variations to this train, that are useful throughout the being pregnant interval too.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 4: Gomukhasana | English: Cow Face Pose

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It could seem a little bit powerful at the starting, however with satisfactory apply, anybody can carry out the Gomukhasana effectively. Not solely it helps in meditation, however the seated Yoga Asana helps in sharpening your focus as effectively.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 5: Virabhadrasana | English: Warrior Pose

Described as one of the most iconic poses in Yoga, the Virabhadrasana pose is a bunch of equally lunging standing Yoga asanas. The Warrior Pose is a tribute to the historic Hindu legendary warrior ‘Virbhadra’.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 6: Bhujangasana | English: Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana is an train that’s carried out by mendacity in your abdomen and lunging backwards. The reclining back-bending Yoga asana additionally occurs to be one of the 12 poses in the Surya Namaskar cycle.

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International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 7: Tadasana | English: Mountain Pose

Tadasana is one of the commonest yoga asanas. It types the foundation of a number of different yoga workouts. Also popularly referred to as the Mountain Pose, the Tadasana permits the physique to heat and combine your senses all at one place in your physique.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 8: Vajrasana | English: Thunderbolt Pose

Popularly referred to as the Diamond Pose in the hatha yoga, Vajrasana is a kneeling asana. For somebody fond of well being and health, ought to undoubtedly give this Vajrasana Yoga asana strive, each day. It is very useful.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 9: Ashtanga Namaskara | English: Caterpillar Pose

Also referred to as as Eight-Limbed Pose and Chest, Knees and Chin Pose, Ashtanga Namaskara is a Yoga Asana the place the physique has to be balanced on 8 totally different factors at one go. It can be one of the 12 necessary steps that kind the Surya Namaskar.

International Day of Yoga 2021 Asana # 10: Shavasana | English: Corpse Pose

Well, we now have saved the finest for the final. Jokes aside! This is one of the most enjoyable and soothing Yoga asanas which everybody ought to strive, and likely finish their Yoga exercises with. It is a perfect yoga asana for yoga Nidra meditation.

It was underneath India’s management that the decision to recognise International Yoga Day was handed in the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. A report 175 nations voted in favour of India, at the 69th Assembly Session. To know extra about the event of International Yoga Day 2021, click on right here.

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