Know the Different Types of Cricket Bats & How to Choose a Cricket Bat

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Cricket is clearly one of the most well-known sports activities round the globe and in our nation too. It is an attention-grabbing recreation to watch, however what’s more attention-grabbing is Cricket gear and tools. Batsman makes use of many differing kinds of Cricket tools like helmets, gloves, and most significantly a bat. Selecting a excellent bat may look strenuous for one as there are a number of variations and kinds of cricket bats. Moreover, there are a quantity of vital components whereas deciding on a bat, like the kind of wooden, grip, size, and base. You didn’t anticipate this proper? Well, don’t fear we’ve obtained you lined. Here is the checklist of varieties of cricket bats and which cricket bat is greatest for you. 

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Types of Cricket Bats Types of cricket bat
1. English Willow 
2. Kashmiri Willow 
3. Softball Cricket bats 
4. Training cricket bats 

English Willow

Types of cricket bats - English Willow | KreedOn
Image Source: Prokick Sports

English willow is the solely willow chosen by the inflow of international cricketers. It’s been mass-produced as a result of each skilled batsman wishes to use the English willow bat. The English willow bat is standard as it’s the solely willow that provides the cricket bat contraction and toughness. English willow is a kind of willow that’s native to England. It can be acknowledged as a white willow. There are primarily 5 grades (1–5) of English Willow bats, the larger grade one being the highest quality and having straighter grains on the bat. But they’re a bit costly from common bats. 

Kashmiri Willow

Kashmiri Willow - Types of cricket bats | KreedOn

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As the title suggests, Kashmiri willow is constructed from Kashmiri wooden. Kashmir willow is a extremely sought-after wooden in India, the place it’s used to make cricket bats. Kashmir willow bats differ from English willow bats in look in addition to reliability. Because Kashmir willow bats are brownish in colour, we will simply distinguish them from English willow. The Kashmir willow bat is made by hand, which is why the value of the bat is a little larger. The Kashmir willow bat is extraordinarily gentle in weight. Kashmir willow bat reputation is propelling the market development as a result of each beginner chooses to play with Kashmir willow bat.

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Softball Cricket bats

Softball Cricket bats - Types of cricket bats | KreedOn
Image Source: Wisden

The softball cricket bat shouldn’t be utilized in worldwide cricket and is barely used for each day native or gully cricket. This bat is constructed of mushy rubber and high-quality wooden or fibre. Professional cricketers don’t use these varieties of cricket bats. A softball cricket bat is inexpensive than Kashmir willow and English willow. Children use these varieties of cricket bats to play at dwelling or in a gully. However, it could be the best gear for teenagers to develop cricket at a younger age. Softball cricket bats at the moment are out there to be used. These bats don’t contain knocking in or oiling as softball or tennis ball bats do, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that energy is required to strike the ball.

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Training cricket bats

cricket bats - KreedOn
Image Source: Net World Sports

A coaching cricket bat is primarily used as a snippet of cricket tools to enable you to construct your talent units. Since these bats should not produced from a single willow, they are often made by a producer or with English willow or Kashmir willow. In the subject of cricket, this cricket bat is utilized in professional cricket. These cricket bats are available in a selection of measurement ranges and widths. The width of a coaching cricket bat is normally half that of a common cricket bat. These varieties of cricket bats are extraordinarily helpful for coaches as a result of they function a weapon throughout coaching classes. The similar as different specialist cricket bats. Cricket bats are additionally knocked in and oiled throughout the studying part.

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Difference between English willow and Kashmiri willow

Difference between English willow and Kashmiri willow - KreedOn
Image Source:

This is the most typical query requested by each beginner. Well, it’s a good query contemplating you’re critical to purchase a cricket bat. So which cricket bat is greatest? nicely, English willow bats are a lot light-weight, smoother, and have higher grain high quality than Kashmir willow bats, which is why it’s most well-liked by the majority of toppers and skilled batsmen throughout the world. However, English willow bats are costlier than Kashmir willow bats. 

How to select cricket bat?

Choose the kind of willow: First, you’ve gotten to determine which willow you like, Kashmiri or English. If you need a heavy one, go for Kashmiri, if you would like a light-weight bat then English is the one to go for. Even whereas going for an English willow, you gotta determine which grade to purchase,  because it is available in 5 grades. The larger the grade, the higher the grains on the bat. 

Bat measurement: subsequent, you’ve gotten to search for a excellent measurement of bat in accordance to your age group. You may wanna contemplate this measurement chart for reference; 

Bat Size Approx Age Height of Batter Bat Length in cms Bat Width in cms
0 3-4 to 123cm 62.8 to 64.7 9.5
1 4-5 123-130cm 67.9 9.5
2 6-7 130-137cm 70.1 9.5
3 8 137-145cm 73 9.6
4 11th of September 145-150cm 75.9 9.6
5 10-12 150-157cm 78.8 10.2
6 11-13 157-163cm 81.1 10.2
Harrow 12-14 163-175cm 82.8 10.4
Full SH 15+ 175-188cm 85.2 10.8
Full LH  15+ over 188cm 87 10.8

Weight: The weight of a cricket bat is vital and might have a vital influence on a participant’s recreation. A heavy bat will make it troublesome for a teenage participant to elevate and swing, limiting their means to play horizontal blade photographs like the reduce and pull. Senior gamers are making the similar error, and you need to by no means contemplate buying a bat with out first having the participant choose it up. Bats might weigh the similar, however based mostly on the half of the blade, they will choose up very individually. Senior bats sometimes weigh between 2lb 6ozs and 3lb 2ozs.

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