Kasganj Doctor Wife Viral Video: Wife caught with two lovers in hotel, caused a scene

Published:May 15, 202423:32
Kasganj Doctor Wife Viral Video: Wife caught with two lovers in hotel, caused a scene

Kasganj, UP: A shocking case has come to light. Here, the doctor husband caught his wife in an objectionable situation with two youths. There was a big uproar during this time. Make sure you know everything.

UP News: Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, has a case that puts husband-and-wife relationships to shame. Someone heard something here and the ground slipped under him. Actually, a female doctor and her lovers were having fun in the hotel room. The doctor husband of the female doctor showed up just then.

The doctor husband caught his wife and her two lovers in an objectionable situation. The doctor lost his temper when he saw his wife with two young men and started hitting them.

The doctor's family was with him at this time. The two youths got beaten up by all of them. They also severely beat the female doctor during this time.

Posting as a doctor in a government hospital

Based on what we've heard, the female doctor works at Kasganj's government hospital. The woman and her doctor husband have been living separately for about two years. It's said that they've been married for a long time.

But they've been in a fight for 2 years. In the meantime, the female doctor was in the hotel room with her lovers. 

Her husband found out. Upon reaching the hotel with his family, he caught his wife in an objectionable condition with two youths. He and his family started beating the young men and the doctor.

There was a crowd there watching the drama. The police were also notified. Video of this incident is going viral on social media now.

Action was taken by the police

The police arrived at the spot and detained both youths for disturbing the peace.

He's also filed a police report demanding action against her. The police are investigating this whole thing right now. It's been a hot topic.

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