15 Shocking Bold Web Series of Jayshree Gaikwad (2022-23) - That You Should Never Miss in Alone

Published:Dec 8, 202303:03
15 Shocking Bold Web Series of Jayshree Gaikwad (2022-23) - That You Should Never Miss in Alone

15 Shocking Bold Web Series of Jayshree Gaikwad: The iconic queen of Web series world Jayshree Gaikwad is well known personality in Indian cinema. She is famous with her bold looks and tremendous roles in different types of web series and tv shows. Jayshree is model and social influencer who has a vital access on social media and entertainment industry. As a vital influence on different types of social media platforms she has earned her fame and fan like as on Instagram she has 216k followers. There are many platforms for which she has worked her extraordinary skills like as Primeplay, Ullu, Kooku, Hunters, Yessma, Primeshots, Rabbit, Goodflix, Hunters, Digimovieplex and so all. In present she has worked latest released web series Nakaab that is streaming on PrimePlay app online.

As her famous web series we can see Watchman, Imli, Namak, Devrani Jethani Aur Wo, Nakaab, Aunty ka PG, KaroNnaa, Khidaki, Farebi Yaar 2, Flat Screen, Pehredaar, Plangtod Bidaai, Paglet, Karzdaar, Sacchisaheli, Railgadi Chhuk Chhuk, Jalebi Part 2, Vasu, Baba Rancho and so all. She is the wonderful aura of web series cinema and one of most wanted web series actress is also listed in top 5 web series actress list name in India. So friends, today in this article we will know about JayShree Gaikwad Wiki, Biography, Boyfriends Affair, Relationship Controversy, Dating, Personal Details, Physical Stats, Hot Web Series, Upcoming web series in 2023, Watching Platforms and Download Links from you can watch these hot web series easily.

Jayshree Gaikwad Wiki, Biography, Personal Details

Actress NameJayshree Gaikwad
Popular NameMusku, Vallabha Lakshmi, Queen of Beauty
ProfessionWeb Series Actress, Social Influencer
Born PlacePune, India
Debut CareerPaglet
Zodiac SignCancer
Instagram Profile216k followers Click here
Facebook ProfileUpdate soon
Networth2 crore Approx.

Jayshree Gaikwad Physical Status and Personal Life Details

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight54 kg
Physical Standard32-34-32
Marital StatusUnmarried
Boyfriends AffairSajid Khan
Relationship, DatingSajid Khan

Watch Nakaab Primeplay Web Series Online Now

  • Cast - Jayshree Gaikwad, Alok Nath Tripathi (father in law), Anu maurya
  • Ott Platforms - Primeplay
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil, Bengali

The story of the web series revolves around politics drama in which village Sarpanch take support to win, some illegal activities. The Sarpanch want to win race of election any situation but circumstances are not his favor. To fulfill this amazing task he has a lady that can make easy to win, who is lady and how she will satisfy some people, is the crux of web series. So watch full web series on Primeplay app.


Jayshree Gaikwad KaroNaa Web Series Stream Online

  • Cast - Bharti Jha, Aliya Naaz, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - PrimePlay
  • Language - Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telgu

This is the story of a village aunty and her nephew Mahesh, during the Corona pandemic uncle traps outside in the city and aunty is alone at house. So as a time pass she takes support her nephew but after sometime circumstances changes because her nephew want some strange things, so what will be this secret thing and how aunty will pay it, the secret of the web series.


Download Latest Web Series Flat Screen on Primeplay

  • Cast - Anu Morya, Alok Nath Pathak, Divya Arya
  • Ott Platforms - Primeplay
  • Language - Bengali, Hindi, Tamil

The story of the web series Flat Screen revolves around a girl Dhani and her husband. The girl has flat chest, so her husband doesn't love him but interest create when her father in law take interest her life. She is also seeking who really love her with full ecstasy, so things changes when someone has interest in her family but what will be result when all truth will be disclose to her husband is the crux of the web series. So watch full web series on official platform.


Watch Online Yaar Farebi Web Series

  • Cast - Bharti Jha, Shakespeare, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - Ullu
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil, Telgu

This is the story of Sugandha and her husband who are enjoying her wedding life. They shift a new flat where a girl also lives with name of Nikhat. After sometime Sugandha father in law come to her house and falls in the love of Nikhat where they make physical relationship with each other but these all story Sugandha sees secretly and she also want to enjoy with father in law, so will she succeed to fulfil her burning desire and how will be output is crux of the web series.


Sauda Hunters Web Series Download Now

  • Cast - Rani Pari, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - Hunters
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil

Sauda web series story revolves a between a boss and his office colleagues. Employee man is suffering from financial circumstances and want to see his office promotion. But boss is not satisfied from his performance, finally her wife goes to office and tell whole story of their weak financial conditions. Fianlly Boss decides to help her on the basis of some strange things and offer to her to give a night day gift. So what will be gift and how will she bear it, is real crux of web series. So watch full web series content on official site or Hunters app.


Watch Jayshree Gaikwad bold Web Series Vasu Online

  • Cast - Rajsi Verma, Maahi Khan, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - Ullu
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil

Vasu is the story of a adult guy who is indulged in adult activities from his childhood life. His father visit doctor to save him from this strange disease. Doctor advise him to control their feeling for 21 days so his father send him, his sister's house. At the home a female maiden come for cleaning. Now how Vasu control his feelings and what will happen next is the crux of web series.


Karzdaar Web Series Streaming Now Online

  • Cast - Shyana Khatri, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - Hunters
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil

Filled with full romance and love, Karzdaar is hottest web series of Jayshree Gaikwad. In the web series Jayshree is playing role as a village girl where her father faces landlord's debt. Her father is unable to pay the land debt, to see her father wrinkled and poor condition Jayshree decide to pay landlord's debt. She goes to landlord house and request the pay debt in sometimes but landlord deny her request and want to take her money immediately. Now she is ready to pay debt but in revenge she pay debt without money in free but how it will be possible is the crux of the web series.


Latest Web Series Devrani Jethani Aur Woh Download Link

  • Cast - Pihu Sharma, Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Ott Platforms - Ullu
  • Language - Hindi, Tamil

The story of the web series revolves a jointed family where three women is seeking love someone. In this united family family a person comes whose name is Sarju. He is not interested in married life and want to live single but women trapped him to do something wrong. Finally he fall in trap and want to run away from them but he finds himself in helpless situation. In the end of the web series she will spend whole night with three women but how it will be experience and how will save himself from this trap, is the real secret of web series. So watch full web series on official app or site.


Jayshree Gaikwad All Hindi Web Series in 2022 Watch Online

Web SeriesCastRelease YearDownload Link
Bhabhi Mami PagletRajni Mehta, Jayshree Gaikwad2022Primeplay
Pahredaar (Father in Law) 1, 2, 3, 4Neha Gupta, Shyna Khatri, Jayshree Gaikwad2022Primeplay
Charmsukh BidaaiDhiraj Kumar Rai, Pihu Sharma, Jayshree Gaikwad2022Ullu
Plangtod Bidaai Part 2, 3Pihu Sharma, Jayshree Gaikwad2022Ullu
61-62 Sachchi SaheliJayshree Gaikwad2022DigiMovie Plex
Flat ScreenShaisha Khan, JayShree Gaikwad2022Primeplay

Upcoming Web Series (2023) of Jayshree Gaikwad

Web Series CastRelease YearDownload and Watch Online
KarzdaarShyana Khatri, Jayshree Gaikwad2023Hunters
Yaar FarebiBharti Jha, Shakespeare, Jayshree Gaikwad2023Ullu
Jism SaudaRani Pari, Jayshree2023Hunters
KhidkiRuks Khandalge, Pihu Jaiswal, Hiral Radadiya, Neha Gupta, Jayshree2023Ullu
Railgadi Chhuk Chhuk Sanjeet, Pankaj Kumar, Sanjay Singh, Jayshree2023Goodflix
Aunty Ka PGBharti Jha, Sanaa Sundi, Jayshree Gaikwad2023CinePrime
NakaabJayshree Gaikwad, Alok Nath Tripathi (father in law), Anu maurya2023Primeplay
KarooNaaBharti Jha, Aliya Naaz, Jayshree Gaikwad2023Primeplay


Who is boyfriend of Jayshree Gaikwad ?

According to her NBT Tv interview she has said that Sajid Khan was her ex boyfriend and touch her physical breast that was very awkward for her, however Sajid Khan has denied this thing and also tell social media that it is conspiracy to defame him by the Jayshree Gaikwad.

Jayshree Gaikwad hottest Web Series that are upcoming in 2023-24?

Yes, there are many web series that is coming in 2023-24 like as Paglet part 2, Jism Sauda 2, Nakaab Season 2, all web series episodes of Khidki that will release soon in 2023-24.

Is the statement of Jayshree Gaikwad that " Sajid Khan press my breast and put the hand in my pocket " real truth ?

According to her interview it is real fact, but Sajid Khan has denied it.

Has Sajid Khan make Sexual harassments with Jayshree Gaikwad ?

It is complex to say that what is truth but actress Jayshree Gaikwad clears that he was culprit and want to make sexual relationship with her.

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