Jaipur Income Tax Raid on Dhanteras: IT Department Discovers Substantial Sum

Published:Dec 3, 202308:24
Jaipur Income Tax Raid on Dhanteras: IT Department Discovers Substantial Sum
Jaipur Income Tax Raid on Dhanteras,,,,

Today is Dhanterash and it is raining black money in Jaipur. Right now we are in private locker in Ganpati plaza. This is Royra locket. And here you can see that bundles of notes are being counted in the pictures.

You can see one after the other in the suitcase. In the income tax team, notes are being counted through machines.  And whose notes are these? Because they are unnamed lockers. They have been opened. These bundles are coming out from unnamed lockers.

The whole issue came up when Kirodi Lal Meena raised this issue last year. That there are about 1100 lockers in these Ganpati lockers. Where there is black money of the government.  Of Jal Jeevan Mission. There are ITU officials. Their money should be checked here.

It should be opened. After that, the income tax team came here on 13th October. They had checked then. After that, on 20th October, 80 private lockers owners were noticed. They were called. Their lockers were opened.  Many of them were unnamed. Who did not respond. And today those lockers were broken here.

The ones who answered first were checked. And from them you can see that these lockers. Where bundles of notes are being found. Approximately 75 lakhs are being counted. How many are there. Because after counting, it will be clear.  Who has the money.

Who has unnamed money. All this type of investigation is going on here. And a lot of gold has also been recovered. Apart from this, foreign currency has also been recovered. And this investigation is going on here. Who has this black money? Whose money? This investigation is going on.  And the allegations that Kirodi Lal Meena was making. Now it is clear that who has this money. And why are they not coming in front. Here in Ganpati Plaza, there are a lot of private lockers.

Whose money is this private locker. All this type of investigation is going on here.  And right now you can see that. Counting work is going on here. And inside you can see that. On this side you can see some gold. On this side you can see money. Along with the money.

Gold is being recovered here. In different ways, in different forms. Here you can see.  Sir, please come.

Yes, please come. This picture that you can see. This is inside the lockers. Not one locker, there are a lot of lockers. There are a lot of lockers inside the big lockers. There are a lot of lockers inside the big lockers. And you can see the lockers in front.  Inside the big lockers.

Where you can see in the pictures. One of those lockers has been opened. Lockers are being opened. And these 80 lockers. Are being investigated.

Inside these 80 lockers. How much money is there. And whose black money is this. Now in the depth of questions.

And you can see that.  Right now when the elections are going on in Rajasthan. BJP is continuously accusing the government. That a lot of black money. Is of officers and government. Is being kept in these private lockers. You can see that. This is Royras safety wallet. These are the lockers.

You can see that all the lockers are available here.  The police has also reached here. This is the whole area of Ganpati Plaza. There are shops here. There are shops and electronic shops. But in between these. If you look at it like this.

There is no one in the basement. That there will be a lot of lockers. So if you look at it from outside.  You will only see a small.

You will see that there will be a small locker. But in this. In a large number. Approximately 1100 are being told. That there are lockers here. So in this number there are lockers.

And whose money is this. The question is not that it can be kept in lockers.  If the private locker is as per the rules. Then they can also be kept. Now see that the police team is inside. The investigation is going on. But if this money is defamed. If it is black money. Then it is a big question in itself.

And why are they not coming in front.  Why are they not claiming that this money is theirs. And where did the money come from. And whose gold is that.

Approximately 12 kg gold. The investigation that has been done since October. More than 7 crores. And this investigation is going on. The information that is being collected. After that.

The lockers are being broken. Because they are not coming in front. After that. The notice is being given concerning these people. But because if they are defamed. Then after that they are being broken. So the investigation is going on. And this is in the midst of questions.

So obviously Rajasthan.  If there is involvement of some government officer. If there is involvement of some politicians. If there is involvement of people related to the ruling party. Then obviously the difficulties are going to increase.

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