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Italian Model, Boarini Milanesi Launches World’s Most Costly Purse Price 7 Million USD to Assist ‘Save the Oceans,’ however Who Is Going to Purchase It?

Handbags are one of the essential accessories to women. Be it to keep the personal belongings or to flaunt as means of self-expression, or to show off the brand; it is important to own one for many. With brands coming with latest designs, some adorning the handbags with diamonds, pearls and more to give it the classic look, bags and purses make a unique statement and of course, they come in various price tags. So, what’s the most expensive handbag in 2020? Well, an Italian brand just launched the world’s most expensive handbag priced at 7 million USD (Rs 52 crore, approx.). The beautiful bag might just be what the world needs in order to save our oceans. Yes, the bag is priced for a cause and the brand, Boarini Milanesi hopes the money will help fund operations to ‘save the oceans.’ But who is going to buy it?

Expensive bags and purses have often made it to the headlines in the past. The heart-shaped Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse priced at USD 3.8 million was named as the most expensive handbag in the world by the Guinness World Records in 2011. But Boarini Milanesi’s opulent Parva Mea bag surpassed that too in pricing. Worth 7 million dollars, the bag requires 1,000 hours of work to make one. Crafted from semi-shiny alligator skin, the handbag is adorned with ten white gold butterflies, four of which are decorated with diamonds, there with sapphires and rare Paraiba tourmalines, totalling more than 130 carats. The bag also features a diamond pave clasp.

According to the brand, its design was inspired by the ocean, and they intend to donate 950 thousand USD (nearly Rs 7 crore) of every bag to fund operations to clean the oceans. Co-founder Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi, reported that the bag is a tribute to his father, whom he lost when he was a teenager, and the design is inspired by their memories of enjoying the sea.

Together with co-founder and designer Carolina Boarini, he decided to create the accessory to raise awareness on the need of protecting the environment. While the thought is noble, we wonder who is going to buy it. The pandemic has hit the economy hard, and many families are struggling to get their lives back to normalcy. Amid the global economic downfall, spending money on a bag, many not be the wise idea to many.

Here’s the Pic of the Bag:

While expensive handbags enjoy its luxury place in the market, clothes too have their own unique price tags. We have seen brands selling the most basic things for astronomical price in the name of fashion. Be it Gucci’s ripped stockings or Zara’s lungi; fashion brands are no escape.

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