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Israeli PM Says Girls are ‘Animals with Rights’ Whereas Calling for Finish to Gender Violence

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu just called women 'animals' | Image credit: Twitter (inset)/Reuters

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu just called women ‘animals’ | Image credit: Twitter (inset)/Reuters

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu made a gaffe on Monday when he called women ‘animals’ with rights who cannot be hit and bid to advocate the end of violence against women.

  • Last Updated: November 25, 2020, 18:22 IST

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In a major embarrassment, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caused controversy on Monday after he referred to women as “animals with rights”.

The incident occurred on Monday when the PM had been delivering an address during an event to mark the occasion of ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’.

“Women don’t belong to you, women are not an animal you can hit,” he said.

While it seems Netanyahu’s intentions were good that he indeed wanted to talk about ending violence against women, he seemed to go off on a tangent about animal rights and ended up equating women to “animals”.

“A woman isn’t an animal you can beat, and nowadays we say don’t hit animals. We have compassion for animals, women are animals, children are animals, with rights,” the Israeli leader said.

Violence against women is a major problem for women across the world and the coronavirus pandemic has led to a rampant spike in cases across the world. At such a time, Netanyahu’s The comments are earning him criticism on social media after a clip of his speech went viral. Many claimed that comments amounted to vapid misogyny as they likened domestic violence to animal abuse.

This is not the first time that Netanyahu’s comments have earned the ire of women, feminists and women’s rights activists. Earlier, his repsonse to a question on the exclusion of women from Islarel’s “corona cabinet” had raised eyebrows.

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