Improvement of telegram MacOS

Telegram for macOS is an app that allows you to communicate with your friends and family. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people, especially if they have iPhones because Telegram uses end-to-end encryption. It makes sure that nobody can read your messages unless you give them the keys to do so. However, some features could be added to Telegram for macOS(Telegram苹果版本).

The current version of telegram for MacOS

When you use the Telegram app on your Mac, you may notice some bugs in it. For example, when there are several open conversations with different people, they do not appear one by one. Instead, they are all mixed into one long list that is hard to read and browse through.

Another problem is that some buttons and icons look bad on a MacBook Pro screen because they have too much padding around them and don’t fit inside their frames properly. The result is an unprofessional look for an otherwise great application! You can see this for yourself by installing both Telegram and Whatsapp on your computer: compare their interfaces closely; what differences do you notice? Do these differences make the software easier or harder to use?

We will be fixing these issues as well as improving other aspects of Telegram for macOS: improving its user interface; improving its user experience (designers call it UX); ensuring privacy and security when using it; adding new keyboard shortcuts so users can work faster without having to click as much or go into menus as often (KISS principle).

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User interface and user experience

Telegram for macOS is a great app, but it needs more features. The current version of Telegram for macOS contains some bugs that we can improve. The user interface and user experience need some improvements.

If you are not familiar with how to use Telegram, please visit the following link:

Privacy and Security

You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages will sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets, or computers.

That means you can chat with friends, start a group chat or share files with multiple people at once. You can also send Snaps and make voice and video calls.

Telegram is free and will always be free. We’re not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees.

Keyboard shortcuts for Telegram for macOS

Telegram for macOS supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to quickly navigate through the app.

  • -Open a new message window: Command + N
  • -Send a new message: Control + Enter or Command + Return
  • -Close the current message window: Escape key (Esc)
  • -Reply to a message: Arrow Up, Arrow Down, Tilde (~), Left Shift + F1–F4 (F5–F8 on macOS Sierra), Delete, Right Shift + Backspace  (Backspace on macOS Sierra), and Enter keys and more.

macOS needs more features

Telegram for macOS is a new app that needs more features to keep up with its competitors. It has many bugs, and it’s missing basic privacy and security features. These issues can be resolved, but they will require more work from the developers of Telegram for macOS.

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The app is still in beta, and the developers are likely working on these issues. We hope that they will release an update soon to fix the problems with Telegram for macOS.

We hope to help you

I hope this article helped you learn more about the Telegram application (Telegram软件)and how it can be improved. If you’re interested in contributing to the project or learning more about Telegram, please visit our GitHub repository.

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