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Humorous Video of a ‘Theft Fail’ is Going Viral: Trending Subjects, Viral Movies & Humorous Memes of The Day

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A new day and time to jot out some new wisdom as it’s Wednesday! Like regular trends of good morning messages and motivational posts, #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts have started trending online. So netizens start your day on a positive note. As we inch towards the day, we will bring you all that’s happening on the social media space. From trending topics, funny memes and viral videos of the day, you’ll find it all here.

December 2 marks a few events and observances. It is celebrated as World Computer Literacy Day, so people will likely share informative posts about computer literacy. It is also National Pollution Control Day today which commemorates the tragic incident of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. It is also the UAE National Day today, so people may share their greetings and wishes. December 2 is also International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. If there are any other major events that we have missed out on, we will keep them updated through the day here. Meanwhile, there are always the 2020 ending memes and jokes about the festive season ahead that come up online.

One cannot predict what goes viral on social media. It could be a simple meme, an interesting Twitter thread, a baby or an animal video. Thanks to the vast reach of the medium, you never know what will start trending instantly. So if you want to keep yourself updated with everything trending on social media, stay with us on this live blog. We will keep you updated with anything that goes viral and takes over the trending page. Happy Wednesday!

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