How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

Published:Dec 5, 202315:51
How to introduce sex toys into your relationship
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In common parlance, sex toys are primarily associated with solo pleasure. But that is far from true. Adding them to partnered sex can open up a whole new dimension of pleasure and sexual ecstasy. Sex toys are designed to stimulate your deepest pleasure points and provide different degrees of sensations for more intense orgasms. The sheer variety of experiences that sex toys provide can help couples keep their sex life interesting, exciting, and fun for a longer period of time. But even though today’s couples are open to newer experiences, many still hesitate in bringing up the topic of incorporating sex toys in a relationship. This could step from the fact that males feel sex toys make them look incompetent, and females are too shy to start an awkward conversation.

So, here are some simple ways to introduce sex toys in your relationship:

Talk about it before whipping a sex toy during the act

Sex experts have often pointed out that many people simply whip up a sex toy during the act. This can take your partner by surprise, and it is more likely to be an unpleasant one. Instead, have an open conversation about it beforehand so that nobody is out of their comfort zone while you are at it. This way, you will have a chance to explain to your partner why you wish to incorporate sex toys in your relationship and how they can enhance sexual pleasure. Your partner can also open up about their reservations if they have any. Having a conversation about it first will make their usage a lot more fun.

Don’t force the idea onto your partner

What you or your partner wishes to do in the bedroom should be respected at all costs. If any of the two is not comfortable using sex toys, they should not be forced, insisted, or convinced forcefully. This can have an adverse effect on your existing sex life as your partner might just give in to your demands and not enjoy the actual act. If your partner is not open about it, leave it at that. You can touch upon the topic later on when the time is right. You can ask them why they are uncomfortable and work around their hesitance or fears and stigmas regarding sex toys.

Indulge it sex toys only if you are truly into them

Popular culture, erotic films, and peer pressure can make an impact on your sexual choices. So, it is important to adopt sexual practices only if you are really into them or enjoy them to the maximum. it is no exception. With sex toys, it is all the more important to understand your partner’s comfort level and pleasure as there is a wide range of couple sex toys available and there is a variety of ways you can use them. Incorporating sex toys in your relationship means constantly talking about which ones you would like to use, and how. From vibrators to dildos, plugs, strap-ons, BDSM, and other sensation sex toys, you should know which one is the right choice for you before jumping into them.

Shop together

If you agree to use sex toys in a relationship, make sure you shop for them together. If you are the adventurous kind, you can go to retail shops to physically shop for the toys, or you can shop online in the comfort of your home. Whichever way you choose to shop, make sure that you both are on the same page with the kind of toys you want to use. This is also a great exercise to build anticipation. You can talk about the kind of stuff you would want to do to each with the toy as you shop. It will also help you open up and share your fantasies. Sometimes, exposing your kinky side to your partner can be a real turn-on.

Be receptive, and give it time

Whenever you start something new, you are bound to be rusty and will take some time to master the skill. The same is true with sex toys. Don’t expect that things will turn on right from day one. Give time for things to settle down and fight the awkwardness. As you continue exploring, you will get better at using sex toys and will then be able to enjoy more.

Using sex toys in a relationship can provide a different dimension to pleasure. Unlike couples, who continue having sex in the same, boring, monotonous way, it can spice up your sex life and add more years to pleasurable sex. So, put aside your inhibitions and explore the sensual world of sex toys.  

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