How to Find the Length of List in Python | Ways to Find Length of List

Published:Dec 1, 202313:30
How to Find the Length of List in Python | Ways to Find Length of List

Python is in excessive demand amongst software program builders and knowledge scientists world wide. This programming language has varied knowledge varieties and 6 of them particularly for storing sequences. These embrace Record, Quantity, String, Dictionary, and Tuple. On this tutorial, we'll perceive what are Python lists and in addition have a look at the best way to discover the size of an inventory in Python

Python Lists Defined

Lists are thought-about essentially the most dependable methods of saving gadgets in a sequence in Python. They allow you to retailer a single variable with a number of gadgets in it. Right here is an easy instance:

samplelist = [ “umbrella”, “raincoat”, “boots” ]


As you may see, you simply have to make use of sq. brackets to create an inventory in Python. Furthermore, the gadgets are ordered in a particular collection. You'll be able to embrace duplicate gadgets in a Python record and in addition replace gadgets as per your wants. Every merchandise of the record has an index, ranging from 0. For extra readability, we've listed the beginning index numbers beneath:

  • First merchandise: 0
  • Second merchandise: 1
  • Third merchandise: 2

Within the context of the instance talked about earlier, the index quantity for the weather are:

  • umbrella: 0
  • raincoat: 1
  • boots: 2

In the event you needed to make any adjustments to the pattern record, like add or take away particular components, you'll refer to those index numbers. 

Lists differ from arrays as they provide a extra compact and environment friendly means of storing a lot of components. Whereas arrays contain numerical operations, you don't have to carry out a direct mathematical exercise with lists.

Now, allow us to focus on the best way to decide the size or dimension of an inventory in Python

Size of an inventory in Python

With size or dimension, we imply the variety of gadgets within the Python record. You'll be able to measure if with a easy len() perform. Take a look at the next demonstration:

samplelist = [ “pen”, pencil”, “brush”, “notebook” ]

print (len(samplelist))

# Output: 4

That is essentially the most standard approach utilized by Python programmers to discover a record’s size. Nevertheless, there exist different strategies as effectively. Let’s go into extra element. 

This methodology includes operating a loop and rising the counter. That is accomplished till the record’s final component. Within the absence of different environment friendly methods, this system presents a handy choice to know the depend of a Python record. Right here’s the way it works:

MyList = [ “Bye”, “Friends”, 4, 5, 6]

print (“This list is : ” + str(MyList))

counter = 0

for i in MyList:

counter = counter + 1

print (“Length of list with naive is: ” + are (counter))


This record is: [“Bye”, “Friends”, 4, 5, 6]

Size of record with naive is: 5

  • The length_hint() strategy

This methodology is comparatively lesser recognized than the opposite two methods. It's outlined within the operator class in Python and tells us in regards to the component depend within the following method.

First, you want to import the len() and length_hint features from the operator. Then, implement the code given beneath.

#Pattern code for size of record utilizing length_hint

#Initialize record

TestList = [“Winner”, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

#Print record

print (“python list is: ” + str(test_list))

#Discover size of python record 

list_len = length_hint(TestList)

#Print size of record

print (“Length of list with length_hint method is: ” + str(list_len)


python record is: [“Winner”, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

Size of record with length_hint strategies is: 6

With this, we've given you three other ways in which you'll depend the variety of components of a Python record, particularly len() perform, naive methodology, and length_hint approach. Here's a comparability of the three options primarily based on the time taken to ship the record depend in Python

As soon as once more, you want to import length_hint and time from the operator. After that, you should utilize this pattern code to research the efficiency of every methodology:

# Initialize record  

final_list = [1, 3, 5, 7, 9]

# Print test_list 

print (“My python list is : ” + str(final_list)) 

# Discover size of record utilizing naive

# Initialize counter 

begin_time_naive = time.time() 

counter = 0

for i in final_list: 

    # increment the counter 

    counter = counter + 1

end_time_naive = str(time.time() – begin_time_naive) 

# Discover size of record with len()

begin_time_len = time.time() 

list_len = len(final_list) 

end_time_len = str(time.time() – start_time_len) 

# Discover size of record with length_hint() 

begin_time_hint = time.time() 

list_len_hint = length_hint(final_list) 

end_time_hint = str(time.time() – begin_time_hint)

# Print time

print (“Time using naive is : ” + end_time_naive) 

print (“Time using len() is : ” + end_time_len) 

print (“Time using length_hint() is : ” + end_time_hint) 

The output will present that the len() methodology is the quickest one out of the 3 ways of discovering the dimension of record in Python.

The Method Ahead

Python is an integral a part of the information science curriculum on the postgraduate stage as a result of its excessive trade demand. Whether or not you're a more energizing, software program or IT skilled, or an information skilled, you need to be well-versed with this programming language.

Most upskilling packages goal to make candidates acquainted with Python by masking the basics of programming, statistical instruments, and predictive analytics as part of the primary coursework and initiatives. Some main examples embrace:


On this tutorial, we realized in regards to the record knowledge kind with a particular deal with the best way to discover its dimension. This info on measuring the size of the record in Python is among the most simple operations you'll do as a newbie. So, use the above steps to stage up our programming expertise and keep curious for extra! 

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