How to Do a Poll on Instagram – Simple Steps

Published:Mar 22, 202408:18
How to Do a Poll on Instagram – Simple Steps

In this digital age, communicating with your Instagram followers is more crucial than ever. One particularly noteworthy interactive element that’s great for sparking discussions, generating fresh ideas, and maintaining fan interest is the polls. 

Whether you are just curious about what your audience thinks or want input on new ideas, polls are a terrific method to find out what people think and desire. If you’ve been wondering “How to do a poll on Instagram,” you’ll discover a simple method to increase the number of people who engage with your content. 

Get Ready to Make Your Survey

You should know why you are creating an Instagram question before you get too fancy with it. Do you want to get info or make a poll for fun? Determining what you want your poll to do will help you stay on track and make sure that your questions will interest people.

Consider the poll questions to be the key to a vibrant, candid conversation. You may transform scroll-past into pause- and –engage by asking insightful questions. 


  • Which color of our new product makes you feel like a superstar: Galaxy Blue or Sunrise Yellow? 

  • Do you like our new product?

Allow your followers to participate in the decision-making process. You can give them a voice in the direction your brand goes.

How-to Guide for Creating Instagram Poll- In Steps

Use the Instagram Story Feature

  • Open Instagram and log in to your account. 

  • To access the Story feature, swipe right from your feed or tap on your profile photo with the “+” in the upper left corner.

  • Select the camera icon to begin telling your story.

Choose the Poll Sticker

  • You may either swipe up to select from your gallery or capture a new photo or video.

  • Press the sticker symbol at the top of the screen to reveal the Sticker Tray.

  • To add a sticker to your story, scroll until you find the “Poll” sticker and press it. 

Formulate Your Poll Question

  • Press the “Ask a question” text area and write a compelling poll question, naturally include the primary keyword “how to do a poll on Instagram.” “What should our next Instagram poll be about?” is one example.

  • To elicit more replies, write a question that is both clear and compelling.

Customize Your Poll

  • To alter the default answers in accordance with your poll question, tap the “Yes” and “No” boxes.

  • To make your choices easy to read at a glance, keep them to a maximum of a few words.

Publish Your Instagram Poll

  • You may drag your poll to any desired location on the screen.

  • Complete your story by adding any more text, stickers, or filters.

  • To post your poll and begin receiving replies from your followers, tap “Your Story” at the bottom.

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The Best Ways to Conduct Instagram Polls 

Here are some tips to keep in mind so that your Instagram polls are more than just a tap-and-go for your fans. They ought to be genuine engagements. Remember that the goal is to improve connections with your audience. 

Kick Off with a Bang 

Choose a question that will draw people in. Consider a realistic but thought-provoking question, such as "Team Coffee or Team Tea for morning fuel?" It's straightforward but efficient in evoking a response.

Timing is Key

When your audience is most engaged, post your polls. To discover those peak times, look through your Instagram Insights. It's similar to planning a party—you want to ensure everyone comes!

Follow Up

Don't merely post and disappear. Make use of the outcomes to start new discussions. Communicate the results, show off your astonishment, or even write something based on the chosen option. It lets your fans know you're paying attention. 

Keep It Snappy

Keep your questions and alternatives concise and to the point; your poll is not a thesis. The involvement increases with participation speed. 

Visual Appeal

Make your poll pop by using eye-catching backdrops or graphics. A striking background or a splash of color may make all the difference.

Context Matters

Make sure the results of your poll relate to your brand or content. It's an opportunity to get feedback or insights on the topics that are important to you and your audience. 

Educate and Entertain

Mix it up between fun, light-hearted polls and those that might offer insights or valuable feedback about your products or content. It keeps your audience interested and your polls current.

Examine the Results of Your Polls

Check the results of your polls on Instagram and reveal a lot about your followers. This little tutorial will assist you in exploring Instagram polls and maximizing the feedback you receive: 

Monitor the Results

  • To view who voted and how swipe up on the section of your story that contains the poll.

  • As soon as your followers begin to reply, Instagram shows you the results in real time.

  • Before the story expires in a day, take a screenshot so you may quickly refer to the poll results.

Analyze the Input

  • Follow the majority rules to determine which choice was more popular and why it could have been more appealing.

  • Keep an eye out for outcomes that can indicate emerging trends or inclinations within your audience.

  • A topic that strikes a chord with your audience is indicated by high participation rates. 

Customized Content

  • Make use of the information to customize your next content to your audience’s tastes. 

  • Use customer feedback to validate ideas or make product changes.

  • Have a thorough Q&A session to address any interesting topics brought up by your poll.

Increased Engagement

  • Let your followers know how much you appreciate their feedback by sharing the outcomes.

  • Reward participants occasionally to promote continued engagement. 

  • Polling your audience regularly facilitates recognizing changing trends and keeping communication open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for me to view each follower’s vote in my Instagram poll?

Of course! Even while Instagram values privacy above all else, you can still see who and how they voted in your poll. Simply swipe up on the poll-featured story in your feed to get a comprehensive vote breakdown.

Can Instagram polls be tailored to receive responses in a timely manner? 

Yes, polls are a good way to get quick input on urgent matters. Even while polls expire after a day, you can still benefit from their brief duration if you need immediate information. Just make sure you keep an eye on the replies in real-time and respond quickly to any comments. 

Are there any moral issues I should be aware of while making polls on Instagram? 

Every time! Make sure your polls are inclusive and uphold privacy. Steer clear of touchy or contentious subjects that can unnerve your audience. Recall that the objective is to promote a welcoming and happy community.

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