How Satta matka is trending in India

What is Satta matka?

Satta matka is a popular game played all around the world. It is based on people picking a few numbers and then betting on them to win a lottery eventually. Some people play it to be amused, whereas others are out of greed for money. However, the game does not always guarantee money. People get addicted to the game and spend hours on it. They bet on various things such as cricket matches or stock exchanges. And sometimes just the mere picking of a chit from a matka (bowl) and betting on it.

The game is largely becoming famous worldwide. The way has been entirely changed from what it was years ago with a few variations. However, the reasons and the hype hasn’t changed much. As technology has taken over quite everything, you can play Satta matka online. Various websites and online platforms are available, which allows people to participate in the game and win the lottery.

Satta matka and the present world

Since the start of the game, it has been illegal in various countries. And to this date, not every state allows its people to play the game openly. The western world has adopted the practice of betting, and now people play the game for entertainment and to win a lottery depending upon their luck. The dynamics, however, have changed widely. From a gathering of people playing the game in front of each other, the shift has made people play the game online on various sites. Now people can play the game from one country to another by just sitting at home in their rooms.

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The introduction of various other entertaining games would have decreased the inclination of people towards Satta matka, but that did not happen. Instead, with the convenience provided by the organizers, people have been involved in the game even more than before. However, with the game being illegal in various parts of the world, it has affected the trend of Satta matka.

Satta matka in India

The game is legal in a few of the Indian states, but not all. But people are interested in Satta matka even more than in the olden times. It has become easier to analyze the records, searches, interests, and trends of anything anywhere with technology. In 2019 it was reported that the words ‘satta’ and ‘matka’ are the most searched words in India. This concludes that people were still searching for the game on online platforms out of entertainment or just the greed of money. When the world was busy with searches like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Indians focused more on Satta matka; hence it was proven that the game was trending in India.

As most of the Indians are small business owners or doing jobs with low incomes, they tend to find other means of income to fulfil their needs and wants. Moreover, with Satta matka having no standard rules to apply with a minimum amount so that the participants could win, it becomes easy for people to play it and try their luck.

People in India usually play it out of greed of money; hence in 2019, most of the Indians were busy searching Satta matka on google, which made the trend bars of the game higher. With so many searches, the game became the centre of attention for the Indian government as they felt a connection between Satta matka and online platforms. As the game is illegal, the government tends to keep a strict eye on its people.

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The game Satta matka is illegal in most of the states in India for both online and brick and mortar; however, lotteries and horse racing are allowed to be played in every city. Hence, Indians sometimes play these or go to illegal sites for playing Satta matka.


To conclude, although Indians never spare a chance to play Satta matka, which eventually increases the trend bars for the game, however, if the government decides to make certain policies to give relaxation to the players or even if they make Satta matka legal, the trend bars would even go higher. But in the end, it all depends on the Indian government and their policies.

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