How Safe Is Your Data When You Work Remotely?

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus Pandemic, cybersecurity has become a major concern for individuals and companies today. More and more employees are working from different locations remotely, and efforts for cybersecurity have drifted away from the office, leaving companies and individuals with the urgent need to establish improved security at their homes. For some time to come in the future work from home is not likely to change in many places. So we have to be ready accordingly.

Cyber breaches have increased multi-fold

According to a recent report released by a trusted source in the field of Identity Centric Privileged Access Management Solutions, there are almost three-quarters of decision-makers or approximately 71% that believe that the move to the 100 percent remote working during the Pandemic crisis has increased the possibility of cyber breaches to a large extent.

The data derived from the above report was taken after a poll was taken from 200 senior business decision-makers from medium and large companies in the UK, and there was a revelation that approximately 46 percent of these businesses had already witnessed a surge in phishing attacks since the implementation of a policy focused on widespread remote working from home.

It was also discovered that about 79 percent of these business owners had boosted their procedures for cybersecurity for managing large volumes of remote access, with about 73 percent of their staff receiving additional training on how cybersecurity should be maintained when working from home.

VPNs and cybersecurity

Never like before, individuals and companies had to take the help of VPNs or virtual private networks for unrestrained and safe access to the Internet.

However, the question here is how safe is your business data?

Experts from the esteemed name in database management, administration, and consulting,, state that a majority of companies that deal with cybersecurity had data leaks and other security issues that was revealed on the dark web. This only means that there is a large volume of stolen credentials and business-critical data that has been stolen for every company that deals with cybersecurity today.

The professionals state that it is frightening to contemplate that though companies dealing with cybersecurity today are meant to offer protection to others, they are not immune to the same problems themselves. Further, they state that data theft is assisted by the lack of awareness by people, as seen in identical passwords, weak passwords, and innocent clicks on leads that are not verified.

Since the COVID-19, Pandemic companies in cybersecurity are working overtime to protect their clients’ sensitive data from hackers and cybercriminals.

You should be aware that large enterprises have the quality technical structures to ward off cybercriminals. However, these criminals do not stop here. They steal data from third parties that transact business with these large companies and often include IT companies and legal firms.

For most of these cybercriminals, these third-party companies have poor measures for cybersecurity. This is why they are soft targets for criminals. The efforts for cybersecurity should be made so that it goes deep down to even the weakest links. It is the top responsibility for everyone to protect data and with cybersecurity, everyone working remotely is safe online.

How can VPNs help in remote working environments?

Primarily, the Virtual Private Network or the VPN is a private network. It encrypts and sends data while moving from one point to another online. It can break geographical barriers and offer security. When you use a VPN, you can connect to the Internet and surf websites securely and privately. You can also get access to restricted sites. This makes it an incredible breakthrough in cybersecurity.

With the help of a good-quality VPN, your work or business data is secure and protected when you use the Internet. The VPN also will encrypt the connection and permit you to surf the Internet. A credible company conducted a survey in VPNs where it was discovered that inbuilt ad-blockers in a system could be a concern. So some VPNs are yet to meet the expectations of users in the post Pandemic era.

Additional studies reveal that the VPN system across the world has given priority to measures like protection leaks and the encryption of data. In the above context, the liberty to access specific OTT platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have been possible thanks to VPNs.

VPNs are generally deployed by individuals of authoritarian regimes for guaranteed and anonymous access to the Internet, which is a vast arena. However, things have changed due to the Pandemic. These VPNs are just not a means of escape from the prying eyes of governmental authorities, but they are a technological breakthrough that assists cybersecurity.

Virtual Private Networks are very popular today, and you will find them in offices, homes, and any place with wide Internet access across the globe. Users ensure that their online browsing stays secured and private.

This report also states that VPNs now take up most of the networks of business enterprises. The traffic from VPNs has surged from about 10 to 15 percent to an incredible 95 percent. This huge surge in traffic has demonstrated an increased acceptance and penetration of the VPN service in remote working environments.

At the same time, you should note that VPNs, too, are targets for cyber-attacks. This means to avert cyber-criminals, you need to select a secure VPN provider for your custom cybersecurity needs.

Last but not least, you must research well when it comes to choosing the best VPN service provider for your needs. There is a surge in the use of VPNs, revealing strong evidence of the lapses of cybersecurity in the industry today.

As a business owner and an employee working from home, you should protect sensitive data by selecting a trusted and secure VPN for your work. Always remember that your data is your most valuable asset, and you should never leave it to chance at all!

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