How is Hyderabad best city for start-ups

Published:Nov 29, 202307:35

Once there was a time when cities like Bengaluru or Gurgaon were only considered ideal for building start-ups by many people. However, in recent few years, Hyderabad has gained a solid reputation as one of the leading start-up hubs in the country, competing strongly with already famous cities. In fact, the city has acquired a place in the global list of “Top 100 Emerging Startup Ecosystems” by the latest GSER (Global Startup Ecosystem Report). With incubators, investors, accelerators, and the government striving together to promote all kinds of start-ups, Hyderabad has become a top destination for a huge number of start-ups.

Let’s see the key reasons behind this accomplishment.

Incubation opportunity

Hyderabad houses the country’s largest start-up incubator, namely T-Hub. In this innovative PPP model, the government contributes to the capital with an independent management team comprising leading industrialists and eminent personalities taking care of its day-to-day affair. T-Hub has supported more than 1,100 start-ups that have raised more than a whopping 1,860 Crores in funding to date. Apart from T-Hub, Hyderabad boasts a massive number of fully-equipped coworking spaces. Whether you’re looking for flexi desks, dedicated desks, or small cabins, most coworking spaces in Hyderabad offer them all and at affordable costs. And since these are fully-equipped spaces, you’ll get everything at your disposal without having to pay any additional cost. It’s a fact that most start-ups struggle to manage enough funds to meet their core business requirements. But coworking spaces in Hyderabad give you relief from worrying about managing your operational costs and let you invest that money in expanding your start-up.

Presence of plenty of investors

Today, government support, together with the activities performed by T-Hub and the emergence of coworking spaces in Hyderabad that have reduced the operational costs for start-ups to a great extent, are significantly lifting the investor confidence. Now, lots of start-ups in the city are focusing on developing products that solve consumers’ critical issues, which makes investors feel interested in investing in Hyderabad. Additionally, the presence of top-tier academic institutions such as IIT, ISB, etc., that promote the development of innovative minds inclined toward building quality start-ups has also fuelled the growth of the start-up ecosystem in the city.

Initiatives by the government

The Telangana state government has been playing a crucial role in communicating its initiatives to start-up enthusiasts and start-up owners. While there were many schemes for start-ups earlier too, sometimes they failed to reach the right people. However, today the government is steadily communicating all its initiatives to the right people using all kinds of media. Therefore, start-ups searching for such opportunities can easily avail of those to expedite their growth. Additionally, the Telangana government’s performance grants and recruitment assistance are the two key reasons that motivate start-ups to move to Hyderabad. 

With the availability of ecosystem support, top-class talents, famous cuisine, pleasant climate, cosmopolitan culture, a number of recreation options, and lower rentals of coworking spaces than other prominent cities, Hyderabad offers the right environment for start-ups to flourish.

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