How Constructive Stress Impacts Our Life? Is It Good or Unhealthy?

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We’ve all known about stress and how it can be harmful to our health. So it might surprise you to hear that experts have now defined some stress as actually being positive for us. Let’s examine why this might be the case and explore some positive stressors that can help you for the best healthy lifestyle.

What is Positive Stress?

Positive stress is something external or internal that motivates you, gives you the focus and energy to take actions that can lead to positive results, and improve your life somehow.

Positive stress is related to our ability to cope. It makes us feel excited and urges us to do our best. 

Examples of Positive Stress

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There are many examples of positive stressors that can help us grow as people and enjoy a good life.


Positive stress starts at a very young age. We would never learn if there weren’t tests and benchmarks to meet in each grade, and right through to college. Learning to read and do arithmetic are essential skills that lay the foundation in our later life. Tests can be stressful, but the more difficulties we take, the better we handle the stress.

Meeting deadlines

If we did not have deadlines to get things accomplished, chances are we would drift and play games or sit in front of the TV all day. But throughout our school years and right into our working lives, we have due dates by which we need to get the work accomplished. These can be stressful, but they will often have a positive outcome in learning how to get and stay organized and keep the working going until it is done. 

Each project handed in on time is an accomplishment we can be proud of and gives us a solid achievement track record.

Athletic performance

It can be stressful to have all eyes on you when competing in a race or a solo sport, but the stress can be channeled into giving it your best. In terms of team sports, you might often feel stressed to win and not let the team down. This can help you focus more and tune in to the other players, so you work as a more successful team.

Milestones in life

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Sometimes the best things in life can trigger stress, and the outcome will be a happier and more fulfilling life. Common milestones include:

* Starting a new job

* Getting a raise or promotion

* Moving to a new home

* Getting engaged

* Getting married

* Starting to live together as a couple/family

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* Buying your own home

* Having a baby

* Going on vacation

* Taking a vacation

* Getting ready for birthdays and other parties in the family

* The holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas

* Getting the kids ready for college

* Getting ready to retire

Gaining new skills

According to the studies, the most successful people are lifelong learners. When we are young, everything is new to us and, therefore, stressful, but practice will, if not make perfect, at least help you to hold your own.

You might never be an Olympic swimmer or ride a bicycle so well that you will win the Tour de France, but you will at least have the confidence and skill to do these things whenever you wish.

Learning a new hobby or taking educational classes can also be a positive experience. It might be stressful, embarrassing, or even confusing, but there are online and in-person classes now in almost any subject you can think of, which will help you grow and develop into the person you wish to be.

As you can see, positive stress can be a good thing and helps us continue to live life to the full. 

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