How Can a Personal Loan Support your Professional Growth?

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When it comes to boosting your career growth, a personal loan is not likely to be the first thing to cross your mind. A personal loan may be a popular credit product offered by banks but whosoever heard of one being used to support your professional growth?! Last time you checked, personal loans were taken out to fulfil requirements such as a medical emergency, home renovation, debt consolidation, wedding expenses, an expensive vacation or higher education. Well, here’s the surprise: a personal loan could also help you promote your professional progress. Here are five smart ways in which a personal loan can act as a career booster! 

Upskill Yourself! 

  • Do you think you are lagging in terms of the latest, specialized skills your job is increasingly beginning to demand?
  • Are you getting less productive at work because you don’t have these skills?
  • Are you missing out on a raise or promotion because of the aforementioned? 

If you answered yes to two or more questions, you need to upskill yourself! Worry not if you lack the funds. You can take out a personal loan and seek professional training or enrol for an online or offline skill-imparting course. 

Get Equipment!

  • Do you have the right skills but lack the tools to achieve your full potential at work?
  • Is your work getting more technology-oriented, requiring new-age equipment?
  • Have your colleagues already purchased certain equipment and are already reaping the benefits?

If your answer has been in the affirmative to two or more questions, delay not! Go right ahead and apply for a personal loan to purchase and get access to the latest tools or equipment you need for faring better at work. 

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Set up Practice!

  • Are you a professional such as a lawyer, a doctor, an architect, a stock market advisor, or a chartered accountant?
  • Are you at a stage of your career in which starting your practice is likely to reap more dividends?
  • Are you reluctant to take out a business loan because it isn’t collateral-free?

Resoundingly answered yes to two or more? Opt for a low interest personal loan and invest the funds in your new set-up! Instant personal loans are unsecured loans that give you the requisite funds, besides freedom and flexibility to choose the amount and repayment tenure.

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Expand your Business!

  • Do you already own an independent business?
  • Is your existing business at a juncture wherein it is ready for expansion? 
  • Do you lack the requisite funds for growing your business and are reluctant to apply for a business loan?

If you nodded yes to two or more questions, you must consider a personal loan to expand your business. You could rent/lease a new office or shop space, purchase inventory, increase production capacity, or set up a new associated venture with the help of an instant personal loan!

Convinced of the myriad ways in which a personal loan can help your professional growth? If you are looking for low interest personal loans already, opt for the Indus Easy Credit Personal Loan from IndusInd Bank. Involving a simple, 4-step application process – 100% online and paperless – the Indus Easy Credit Personal Loan gives you instant access to funds, no questions asked. It comes with benefits of low interest rate, flexible repayment tenure, and no collaterals. So apply now and boost your career!

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