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Homicide Hornets Take One other Life! 70-Yr-Outdated Portuguese Man Dies After Being Stung by Swarm of Asian Hornets


You may not be reading much about the murder hornets or the dangerous Asian giant hornets lately, but the insects are still active in parts around the globe. While there are continuous updates on their control situation in the US, a man in Portugal became a victim to their deadly sting. A 70-year-old suffered from an anaphylactic shock after being attacked by a swarm of this dangerous insects while he went fruit picking with his friend. The friend was also hurt in the incident but thankfully it was not severe. Murder Hornet Claims First Victim in Spain in Recent Times! 54-Year-Old Man Dies After Being Stung on Eyebrow by The Asian Giant Hornet.

The incident took place last week. A man identified just by his first name Celso went fruit picking in on a farm in Gondomar near the northern Portuguese city of Porto. He was accompanied by his friend Pal Abilio Rodrigues who called the attack as, “something he has never seen before.” He was also severely attacked by the swarm of these insects which stung him on his arm and head. He realised his friend was having trouble speaking. The first responders to reach them were firefighters. Celso had slipped into a cardiac arrest by the time they arrived. The officials tried but they could but were not able to reverse the anaphylactic shock effect. The nest of these murder hornets at the spot was destroyed by the officials. What Happens After Murder Hornet Stings? Here’s How to Treat The Painful Sting By Asian Giant Hornet, As Per Experts.

These insects native to East Asia were first spotted in the US during the month of May. Ever since officials have laid traps to capture and kill their populations, as they prove major danger to bees. A murder hornet can destroy an entire bee hives within minutes. Their stinger consists a venom which can prove fatal to humans. In the month of July, the first Asian giant hornet was trapped in Washington state. At the moment, officials are again on a frantic search for these nest before these swamps take over the honeybees. It is supposed to be the “slaughter phase” of the Asian giant hornets when they go on a rampage for the bees. This is the second recent death that has been caused due to these dangerous insects.


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