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Holy Sh*t! Huge Section of Iconic White Cliffs of Dover in England Collapses Into the Sea, Fisherman Captures the Incredible Moment in Viral Videos

The White Cliffs of Dover owes its striking appearance to its composition of chalk accented by streaks of black flint. Videos had captured the incredible moment when a huge section of the White Cliffs broke off and collapsed into the sea. The footage shows how tonnes of chalk plunge into the water below after witnesses heard a “loud crack.” A fisherman captured the horrifying scene. It is believed that the chunks of the iconic cliff fell into the sea due to coastal erosion. The videos have now gone viral on the internet as a section of the cliff buckles and falls.

According to reports, one of the videos was taken by the fisherman Dennis McIntyre, who posted it on Facebook. Another eye witness, David Waterfield, also captured the event while he was taking pictures of his dog near the Samphire Hoe nature reserve in Kent. The videos show tonnes of chalk collapsing into the waters below Samphire Hoe park, as a section of the cliff buckles and falls. Firenado in California! Viral Video of Wildfires Resulting in Tornado Looks Terrifying, Know What Causes a Fire Whirl or Fire Devil. 

David Waterfield was quoted saying in ITV, “I’ve lived down this neck of the woods for nearly all of my life, right next to the most famous cliffs in the world. You hear about it, you see the remnants of cliff falls, but to actually see it in person it was really quite impressive.” The videos capturing the moment were re-shared on Twitter. The collapse came after weeks of torrential rain and high winds, may have weakened the chalk cliffs.

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The White Cliffs is an iconic cliff in England. The cliffs have been eroding slowly, but in the past years, scientists fear they have been eroding ten times faster than they did before. The change could be due to the construction of sea walls and groynes, the loss of beaches beneath the cliffs and stronger storms hitting the coastline due to climate change and also the rise of CO2 in the ocean. In 2001, a large chunk of the cliff edge, as large as a football pitch fell into the Channel. Another huge section collapsed in 2012 and another last year on February 4.

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