Heroes Strike MOD APK 106 (Unlimited Money) Download

Heroes Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is available now on APKMODY. Download the game and experience the ultimate battles right now.

Overview information

Name Heroes Strike
Package com.wolffun.herostrike
Publisher WolfFun
Category Shooter
Version 106 (Latest)
Size 101M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.1

Introduce about Heroes Strike

Heroes Strike is one of the most popular MOBA games today, with 3v3 gameplay combined with extremely attractive survival shooting. This game will give players a fierce experience on the battlefield with vivid, eye-catching 3D graphics.


Heroes Strike is a great game combining action and strategy. It has a ton of things for players to explore and entertain with friends, including Battle Royale matches and 3v3 survival battles.

Heroes Strike Apk
Heroes Strike MOD APK 106 (Unlimited Money) Download 1

In Heroes Strike, each match usually consists of 6 players and is divided into 2 teams. The sole purpose is to fight to become the final winner. Currently, the game has 4 battlefields for you to explore. This number is not much, but the publisher always updates new maps in updated versions.

Because this is a 3v3 online game, the duration of a match is quite short. It only takes 10 seconds to start a new match and 4 minutes to finish. With such a super short duration, Heroes Strike is suitable to play anytime and anywhere.

In addition to 4 battlefields in normal mode, you can participate in 9 other arenas to show your skills as well as your level. There are 9 ranks in total – act as goal milestones, pushing you to go even further. Start entering the arena as a trainee, gradually perfecting your skills to climb to higher rankings and unlock the perks to challenge everyone.

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When players come to Heroes Strike, the first thing that impresses them is their unique character class, diverse skill system, and equipment.

According to statistics, there are more than 20 characters. They have a unique set of levels, skills, and traits that will change over time. If you take the time to learn about these things, you can create effective strategies.

Heroes Strike For Android
Heroes Strike MOD APK 106 (Unlimited Money) Download 2

On the other hand, the characters can combine with each other to attack or interact with the environment. This will help create the most powerful combos.

Initially, the characters are at level one. They will gradually level up when used in battles. It can be said that the level up feature is one of the core points of the MOBA game. Then, the basic skill stats will improve, and it allows you to learn new skills. There are four basic skills, including attack, defence, stun and assist.


The control mechanism of Heroes Strike is designed flexibly, modernly, suitable to MOBA action shooter game. With a top-down view, it allows you to cover a wide area. Based on that, you can develop tactics that are suitable for the situation.

Heroes Strike Gameplay
Heroes Strike MOD APK 106 (Unlimited Money) Download 3

A highlight in Heroes Strike is the extremely meticulous, detailed map design and many hidden locations. You can even use the grass bushes along the road to ambush enemies, creating deadly traps. The game also supports many different control mechanisms such as touch and auto-shoot, using 2 joysticks, to better suit many different players.

The versatile control panel lets you do everything you want. Unleash special skills, and communicate with the group, all displayed on the screen. In addition, you can completely customize the interface the way you want for a more convenient operation.

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Heroes Strike has a similar graphics to Fortnite, with a bit of animation instead of reality images like other shooting games. Overall, they are quite cute, reducing the violence but still show the severity of each battle.

Instead of gore and cries of pain, it was replaced with light and sound effects of impact. You will get excited soon!

MOD APK version of Heroes Strike

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Complete all Tutorials, then use Gems to buy Gold, even if you don’t have enough Gems.

Download Heroes Strike MOD APK for Android

Although Heroes Strike sizes less than 100MB, the game possesses a sharp and artistic 3D graphics. The gameplay is not too difficult to approach, but you need to understand the characters and coordinate with other players.


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