Help Your Employees Feel Like They Belong in Your Business

No matter where we are, we all crave a sense of belonging. It’s a basic psychological need, fuelled by the powerful emotions of social connectivity. When we feel like we don’t belong, we become unhappy, and being unhappy makes it harder to fulfill our potential. However, when we do feel like we belong, it connects us to something bigger than ourselves. It’s this reason that many employees pursue a sense of belonging and being valued more than a big casino bonus payday. We all know people who have walked away from high-paying salaries at good companies, all because they didn’t feel like the position was the right fit for them. As an employer ultimately responsible for employees’ performance, the staff management benefits from fostering a sense of belonging amongst your staff become obvious. Employees who feel belonging and valued at work take fewer sick days, reduce job turnover, and improve company efficiency. So just how do we make a workplace where people feel they belong?

Make Employees Feel Safe

Your team will only reach their full powers of cooperation in an atmosphere of trust created by staff management in your company. However, the reality is that employees don’t feel comfortable enough to communicate how they really feel at work, because of fear of judgment or out of a sense of embarrassment. To make the workplace feel more secure with staff management, employers can help set an example of authenticity and vulnerability themselves. This might be something as small as frankly discussing their own failures and fears they faced previously, and what lessons they took from those situations. By revealing our own weaknesses from your staff management experience, we make it okay for the people under us to take risks without living in fear of things going wrong.

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Check Up on Your People

Nobody wants basic staff management to make them feel like another cog in the machine at work. Taking a personal interest in the well-being of your staff is a way to let them know how much they matter to you as a person and an employee. All it takes is asking about someone’s wellbeing and following up with questions to let them know you’re really listening. For example, say one of your staff had to take the morning off to take their child to the dentist. When they get back into work, talk to them about how the appointment went and if their child’s okay. It’s not enough to just ask after your staff’s welfare. You have to show them that, as the person responsible for essential staff management, you’re really listening to what they say.

Give a Voice to People who Feel Overlooked

Ever been in a meeting and seen a team member struggle to get their ideas heard? Feeling left out at work leads to low professional esteem and can make things seem hopeless for staff who want to make a real contribution to your company. The next time you see someone being interrupted, moderate the situation and tell the interrupted speaker that you’d love to hear the rest of what they have to say. As a company leader, your voice has power, and it’s up to you to use your influence on staff management and development to help those employees who are in need. If someone in your team rarely tries to contribute to group discussions, talk to them and ask what you can do to make them feel included. By using staff management to give a voice to every member of your team, you’re giving them a bigger stake in the outcome of your business. It can encourage employees to go above and beyond with their performance at work.

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Celebrate People as Individuals

Many people feel empowered by staff management and business plan that lets them feel like they can be themselves without having to change who they are to fit in. The team in an average office today contains people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and sexual/ gender orientations, so make this something that you celebrate. An easy place to begin changing staff management is by dispensing with a formal dress code in favor of something less stuffy. Elsewhere, you could think about allowing long-serving members of staff the opportunity to redesignate their job titles, to make them feel more invested in their roles. This style of staff management helps give people a stake in the future of your company and can increase your staff’s engagement with your long-term goals.

Solicit Feedback

As a director and executive, it’s up to you to provide leadership and direction on staff management in your company. That doesn’t mean that you should be deaf to the contributions of your employees, though. They may have valuable insights that can highlight opportunities for improvement that you might have missed. When putting together a team for a project, consider having your managers explain the project’s goals to team members, and then ask individuals which roles they would like to occupy. Your team will find this style of staff management empowering, and also feel like they have a greater personal stake in the project’s success.

Conclusion: Leverage Staff Management to Grow Your Business Success

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A great director is only as good as the people working under them, and your employees are an asset that you must invest in if you want long-term success. This underlines why staff management is important in business. A sense of inclusivity at work can mean the difference between people looking for better jobs on their lunch break, and a team thoroughly invested in your company’s future. Apply innovative staff management practices and you’ll have a workplace where every individual wants to strive for greatness. Do you know any essential staff management strategies that improved the well-being of your team? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Author’s bio: Chris Delgado is a management consultant who has worked across many different roles in the IT sector. He currently advises tech companies on staff management practices with his brother Jeff.

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