Helen Müller In Candid Conversation About How To Live a Happy And Super-Efficient Life as an Entrepreneur

Please tell us about your first book? What inspired you to write it?

I met a businessman who was on holiday in England. He had the perceived perfect life, hugely successful and useful businesses, wealth, health, and loving relationship, had travelled the world, had free time, yet he was not fulfilled/happy and all he could talk of was his travel experiences. At that time I had been traveling the world for around 7 years and realized that if I don’t find the answer to true fulfilment soon, this could be me one day, where all I would have would be my travel memories. That’s when I started writing You, Me, and Happiness — A Methodology for Fulfilment. The following year I found the answer to true fulfilment/happiness and my life changed in a big way. The book took many forms before I

decided to turn it into an uplifting 365-day guide, sharing what I had learned up until then, along with a reprogramming method to enable readers to gain positive momentum in all aspects of their life. Today it complements the You, Me and Happiness Coaching program and DNA Upgrades for Entrepreneurs.

What do you think are the determinants of a happy and fulfilling life?

Knowing who and what you are and living from that Knowing. It is our natural state. That Knowing is a feeling, not a belief. Anyone can believe anything, yet when you know, everything changes and the actions that your mirror, as a result, steer you to finding and fulfilling your greatest purpose, your soul’s true purpose, why you are here on earth in the first place.

Please explain your unique method, DNA upgrade and the future of it as you see it?

I remove mental blocks in 15 minutes remotely over a phone call using a communication method I acquired over a lifetime. Our genes do not control us and my method builds on the study of Epigenetics by Dr. Bruce Lipton. I remove blocks and simultaneously upgrade the DNA. Most people act according to the programs that they have learned through their lives, especially from ages 1 – 7. With time more programs are added through learning, observing, mindset training, life experience, yet much of this information is generated and implemented from a limited perspective and thus has the potential to result in less desirable habits or behaviours as we well know. When I do the communication during the upgrade I access Source codes from the Larger Consciousness System [LCS]. It’s like a reset and upgrade of a computer. We live in a simulation and to evolve as per our purpose we need to know not to Believe. The DNA upgrade helps with that as it fires up the intuition as well. With Artificial Intelligence becoming a part of our lives we need to use the technology stored within our bodies. Evolution is about Efficiency and not only does DNA upgrades require little time and emotional investment, but it also activates new codes that help with becoming a Super-Efficient human vessel. It is about claiming our power and freedom back as opposed to giving it away.

How does traveling affect self-development?

I have been traveling since age 18, visited over 35 countries and lived in 12 of them. Within my first year of traveling, I felt how much I changed for the better and how my eyes opened up, realizing that what is important is not our differences but our similarities, what is within us. Travelling has made me very adaptable and accepting of myself, life, and people, it made me resilient as I always have to deal with new situations, many times challenging. It gives me a continuous broadening of perspectives. I chose my traveling experiences with a specific interest in diversity, from visiting and working in the Antarctic Peninsula, scuba diving in Mexico, driving across-country from Florida to Kalispell, Montana in an old Ford Bronco, living and working by Lake Malawi, I slept one night in the London Underground when I had nowhere to go at age 18, buying a coffee or beer in the pub to use the bathroom and shield myself from the cold…memorable moments, hehe. I was robbed of all my cash I had saved up whilst working in the USA before that. I learned to find joy, opportunity, and appreciation in all things small or big. I learned that you can have and be anything and everything you want. I learned from the people of all cultures who welcomed me into their homes, into their families. I once lived with a Brazilian family in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. It was the mom, dad, son, grandmother, and cousin in one apartment. Upon my arrival, the cousin gave up his room for me and moved in with the son. We were one big happy family, priceless experiences like these I had many of. Traveling in the true sense, helps you evolve much faster in my opinion. Up until the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I tried changing my destination every two months. I felt that that specific time frame is good for me, as it is long enough to create the feeling of a temporary home and short enough as to not sink into complacency or a comfort zone. I learned to not hold onto material possessions and to get by with what I need, for the most part, I do like to be comfortable and also travel with special chopsticks, hair curler [not that I ever use it, haha], a vision board, and other little trinkets I usually decorate my accommodation with.

In one word, describe your life as an Entrepreneur Coach. What do you put your success down to?

Expansive: Happiness, staying in my lane, focus, and ability to communicate with the LCS [Larger Consciousness System] from which vantage point I can help clients gain perspective and remove blocks quickly without them becoming too emotionally involved or drained. I have a specialized skill that solves a specific problem for the Entrepreneur/Leader. Willie Laney, my mentor has also been there for me throughout my journey and I have much respect for him as he taught me good values in business, being humble and true to your own.

How was your experience of pranic living? Please tell us about your record of 116 hours without any consumption of food or water. 

Life-changing. I was living in Tarifa, Spain at the time and figured that I have been eating my whole life, perhaps I want to try something different? As I generally do not allow fear to control my life and have strong communication with Source I knew I would be OK. The process into Pranic Living is usually facilitated in a group setting, which at that time was not a viable option for me, so I decided to do as little research needed, to come from a very intuitive place in experiencing it. I documented the entire process and it is available on my YouTube Channel. As an Entrepreneur I also wanted to elevate myself and be able to guide other Entrepreneurs interested in levelling up in this way should they so choose. Fasting is a Natural Bio-hack. To this day I am still fasting as often as I can. It is not an easy journey. It is probably one of the most challenging things I have ever done and it is ever-changing. I do an extended dry fast [no consumption of food/water] now and again and my current record is 116 hours of going without any food or water. I also did a water-only fast for 15 days and a liquid-only diet for 2 months after the Pranic Living initiation I did in Tarifa. I intuitively know when to stop each fast and thus am never scared of any adverse effects, as I generally do not poison my mind with any negativity. I have proven on many occasions, same as with this one, which I create my reality and I can challenge any man-made theory. Sometimes I plan to do a 4–5 day dry fast and after one day I stop. Same as with the DNA upgrade I do, I have learned to communicate with the cells of my body. Our bodies are just mirrors and we can learn so much from it.

What advice would you give to anybody who is reading your interview and especially to the Millennials?

Make Fulfilment/Happiness priority in your life and then you build your empire from a solid foundation. No amount of action can give you the leverage this Knowing gives you. The other things automatically fall into place as a result, yet your perception of what is important changes because of the Clarity you have and you experience life in a much more liberating and peaceful way.

What are your future plans?

Publish research/information to help humanity understand the Larger Consciousness System [LCS] better; moving to the USA for a while, [to visit my mentor Willie!], also to connect with brilliant minds in my industry; further growing You, Me, and Happiness to fulfill my vision of “Building a world of happiness for ALL” and improve the experience for the Entrepreneur/Leader; Lastly, I am going with Elon Musk to other planets.

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