Hanna Shanar Is A Medical Student Teaming Up With Hip-Hop Stars to Spread Medical Knowledge and Awareness

Hanna Shanar is a second year medical student with a notable social media presence and plenty of impressive accomplishments under his belt, like working with a Forbes-ranked Top 25 cardiologist in the world! Hanna’s most recent endeavor is perhaps one of the most unusual and innovative collaborations of the 21st century: Hanna Shanar is now the CEO of Rap Group Management, an Instagram advertising platform for aspiring hip-hop and rap artists. The network includes over 2 million dedicated Instagram followers!

What’s even more bizarre than a 22 year old medical student overseeing a multi-million follower rap network, is that Hanna actually plans to use this influence to promote health and wellness across social media. Hanna tells us that “Instagram is the most effective platform to reach young minds across the world. If my team and I can expand to the point that we have enough social media leverage to influence younger generations, then we can use the Instagram platform to promote knowledge, health, and share facts to the public. Some of the biggest influences for young people are hip-hop stars and rappers. In this day and age, the most effective way to reach younger generations is through the music industry, which is exactly why that is my target.”

As the network expands and more clients enlist Rap Group Management as their main promoter, Hanna plans to leverage his influence and connections in order to spread helpful and health conscious information to the youth, and any onlookers. As a future physician, Hanna embraces the fact that it is his duty to help those around him in every way possible.

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Although he is a second year medical student who is swamped with academic obligations and rigorous coursework, Hanna is still managing to make meaningful connections, and is publishing his short book on Amazon in the coming months! To keep up with Hanna on his entertaining journey, and to become a part of his integration of mainstream influence with science, follow him on his Instagram page by searching Hanna Shanar on Instagram or Google! More coverage on Hanna will be provided soon, so stay tuned.

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