Fusion Sweets and Delicacies To Eat on Festivity

Published:Nov 30, 202302:41

India is a land of diverse cultures and festivals. If you are born in India, you certainly feel blessed because you get to witness its rich beauty and heritage. Every festival celebrated has a tale to narrate, lessons to offer, and is a chance to revel in happiness. Joy and merriment are shared and spread in India through sweets and delicacies.

Traditional sweets are a part of Indian festivals. No festive occasion is complete without sweets. Sweets and delicacies are considered pure and pious because of the satvik ingredients. Traditional sweets are still a cornerstone of Indian festivals, but over the years, preferences have changed.

People nowadays are preferring fusion sweets, desserts, and cakes. Sharing with you some sweets and dessert ideas that you can make or order online for the upcoming festive season.

  1. Boondi Parfait: Everyone is a fan of French cuisine. And that’s the inspiration for this delicacy. Blending the two worlds together to create a fusion that’s out of the world. To make this, you can get Boondi from any sweet shop. Make rabri at home by thickening the milk and sugar. Add condensed milk for flavour. Once done, layer it in a glass and garnish with Pistachios. You can add a layer of sabja seeds as it tastes healthy and pleasant.
  2. Halwa Trifle: An indulgent dessert given a desi twist. Halwa is the most favourite dish of Indians. It is considered auspicious as on every occasion, Halwa is made. Those who prefer something different can try the halwa trifle. Prepare the halwa of your choice. Whipped cream and nuts for garnishing will be required. Assemble the layers in a glass. One layer of halwa and one layer of whipped cream. If you want, you can have one layer of nuts in between.
  3. Thandai Phirni: Thandai is a summer drink. Rich in flavour and nuts, it is a refreshing drink that people consume in the summers. Thandai Phirni is a delicious dessert with a touch of flavour and sweetness, making it even more delectable to eat. You can add Thandai powder in the milk-rice mixture used for making phirni. Garnish with nuts and rose petals.
  4. Chocolate Gujiya: Holi season means Gujjiya. Every home in India is filled with the aroma of home-made gujiya. Gujiya is a fried dumpling stirred in sweet syrup and stuffed with cardamom filling. Children at home often look forward to a chocolate flavoured gujiya and you can make it easily. Substitute the traditional filling with choco-chips, nuts, and cinnamon powder. Drizzle chocolate sauce over it and serve.
  5. Kesar Cupcakes: Did you know that cupcakes could taste like any other Kesar mithai? Well, Kesar cupcakes are a trend these days and serve as a good alternative for the ones who like Indian mithai. Cupcakes are frosted with Kesar, and Badam flavoured icing. Kesar petals are used as a garnishing element.
  6. Gulab Jamun cheesecake: Gulab Jamun is one sweet dish that is found in every home on the occasion of any festival. Raksha Bandan is approaching, and every rakhi plate will be having a gulab jamun in it. Gulab Jamun cheesecake is for every cake lover out there. You can order this cake from the best bakery in Kurnool. If not Gulab Jamun cheesecake, you can order a creamy Gulab Jamun cake or a Rasmalai cake.
  7. Berry Shrikhand: Shrikhand is a sweetened yoghurt. In summers, eating yoghurt is beneficial for gut health, and a punch of flavour never hurts. Summers also call for berries and fruits. Make shrikhand with crushed blueberries and strawberries, making it berry delicious. Top it with cherries.
  8. Chocolate Truffles with Gulkand and Paan: Chocolate truffle balls are every kid’s favourite. Fill and coat it with gulkand and paan, and it becomes a crowd-pleaser. It will also be an excellent mouth freshener. You can get these fusion truffle balls from a bakery shop as well.
  9. Mango Muffins: Mango flavoured sweets are not uncommon. Moving ahead from mango cakes to mango muffins. Mango muffins are ideal for all those who do not prefer cream-based desserts. Sprinkle poppy seeds over it, and it becomes an Instagrammable dessert.

Decorate your table with these fusion desserts and sweets, and watch them go off the plate in seconds.

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