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FPS Boost, a function on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that may quadruple the body fee of backward suitable titles, could profit more games in the future. 

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Speaking to TRG, director of program administration at Xbox, Jason Ronald, didn’t rule out the risk that FPS Boost could profit more titles at some point.

“To be honest, we don’t really know right now,” Ronald says. 
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“One of the challenges that we’ve got on a few of the enhancements and the capabilities is that we do all of this with no code modifications to the precise unique recreation. So, as we determine new strategies of enhancing and optimizing titles, oftentimes, we all know it will not work on all games. And I feel FPS Boost is a good instance of that, the place we’re sort of tricking the recreation into operating at a a lot greater framerate.

“And some games it just works really well. But there have been other games that 99% of the game looks and plays amazing. But then we actually discover a game-breaking bug 80% of the way through or 90% of the way through,” says Ronald. “And loads of occasions, we attempt to come up with options, and we see if we will work via these points. But since we deal with it as a black field, we do not have the capacity to change the recreation code instantly. 

“It’s one of those challenges. But we’re also kind of pushing these games further than they’ve ever been pushed before. And unfortunately, some of the techniques just don’t work across all games.”

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Faster body charges

FPS Boost is barely accessible on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S because it requires the vastly elevated CPU energy of the newer {hardware} to run the games at a better body fee. 

Some games, like Mad Max, have loved body fee boosts from 30fps to 120fps, and numerous older Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles now run at a clean 60fps thanks to Microsoft’s intelligent technical wizardry.

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It’s encouraging that FPS Boost is not fully off the desk in the future, then, as doubling the body fee of 30fps titles can have a transformative impact on how a recreation feels, seems and performs. 

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