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Former CPAC Chair Minces No Words Slamming What The Event, GOP Have Now Become


A former chair of the Conservative Political Motion Convention on Friday slammed what the occasion has now change into, suggesting former President Ronald Reagan wouldn’t get elected by these in attendance at this yr’s gathering. 

Mickey Edwards — who led the American Conservative Union, which organizes the occasion, for 5 years till 1983 — ripped Republicans attending this yr’s CPAC in Orlando for his or her devotion to former President Donald Trump.

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Edwards likened the GOP to a cult whose members reside in an alternate actuality.

Edwards served as a GOP consultant for Oklahoma for 16 years till 1993 however give up the GOP in January following the lethal U.S. Capitol riot. The violence was perpetrated by a violent mob of Trump supporters who’d been whipped up by the then-president’s lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

“The Republican party really no longer stands for any kind of principles, conservative or otherwise,” Edwards advised Burnett on Friday.

“The party seems now to be completely following the lead of one man wherever he goes, which is the definition of a cult,” he continued “Now all that matters is ‘Trump is for this, we’re for this.’ And that includes denying truth, denying fact, denying reality. It’s such a disconnect from what’s really happened in the world.”

Edwards mentioned Republicans talking at this yr’s CPAC “are living in an alternate reality in which facts don’t matter, the Constitution doesn’t matter.”

He additionally minced no phrases when commenting on present ACU chair Matt Schlapp, who has purchased into Trump’s mass voter fraud lie.

“He doesn’t have the job that I used to have because when I was head of CPAC, it was a group that was based on conservative principles,” mentioned Edwards. “We were strong supporters of the Constitution. We believed in free elections. We believed in democracy. These people don’t believe in any of those things.”

“You know, they’re no different than the people who flock to other totalitarian leaders in other countries,” he added. “They’re no different than they are in Hungary, they’re no different than they used to be Germany. Whatever their great leader says, they do, and there’s no underpinning of fact, there’s no underpinning or concern about the norms of free democracy.”

Edwards concluded that the CPAC of the Trump period is “not at all the same organization I led.” “Ronald Reagan could not get elected to anything by the people who were at that CPAC conference this year.”

Watch the total interview right here:

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