Endgame Foreshadowed Iron Man’s Tragic Death from the Very Beginning

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Whereas MCU followers perpetually misplaced three beloved superheroes in Avengers: Endgame, it was Tony Stark’s Iron Man whose tragic demise hit the toughest as a result of not solely was he a fan-favourite but in addition, his demise was one thing hardly anybody noticed coming. That is why watching him die on-screen and Pepper telling him it is okay to let go left us with tears operating down our face and a dangling jaw. However what we did not discover was how Endgame retconned a scene from Infinity Battle to foreshadow Iron Man’s demise from the very starting of the movie. 

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The conflict of Iron Man and Thanos in Infinity Battle

Within the 2018 movie, Iron Man, Spider-man, Physician Unusual, and the Guardians of the Galaxy fought Thanos on the ravaged planet of Titan for the Infinity Stones. Regardless of their supreme efforts, he overpowered all of them, even Iron Man who heroically tried to cease him single-handedly just for the mad Titan to significantly injure him. Within the combat, Iron Man’s swimsuit was severely broken and the left facet of his helmet was destroyed. He began repairing his armor along with his in-built nanobots however then redirected all his swimsuit’s powers to defeat Thanos and created the Katar, which solely proved to be lethal for him. 

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Everyone knows what occurred next- Thanos reached Wakanda to take the Thoughts Stone from Imaginative and prescient and successfully ended half of the residing beings on Earth. Again on Titan, everybody was dusted away besides Tony and Nebula. Endgame begins with these two survivors adrift in area, virtually out of all their provides, and with no hope of rescue. Sensing that his fragile physique, which had barely recovered after his combat on Titan, would succumb quickly, he determined to file a message to Pepper via his helmet. 

Now, whereas we had been busy wiping away tears after witnessing the emotional scene, a shrewd-eyed Redditor seen a particular anomaly which all of us appeared to have missed out on- apparently, the helmet we see within the opening minutes of Endgame is broken on the proper facet although we clearly noticed that it was the left facet that obtained destroyed in Infinity Battle. And as identified within the idea, this was a delicate change launched by the filmmakers to foreshadow Iron Man’s demise later within the movie the place he was mortally wounded from his use of the Infinity Stones to beat Thanos. The broken proper half of the helmet appears to imitate his accidents on the finish of the movie. 

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However there exists a logical rationalization for this

The pressure with which Thanos hit Iron Man in Infinity Battle most likely fully shattered his helmet. After Tony was misplaced in area, he wished to file a message for Pepper however as his swimsuit was too broken within the combat to be recovered, he used what was left of the nanobots to restore his helmet however did not have sufficient to finish it, leaving the precise facet half-constructed. Although this was by no means proven and even hinted, it could possibly be a believable rationalization. 

However even when that is what occurred, for the filmmakers to decide on to go away the precise facet of the helmet wanting broken continues to be a intelligent foreshadowing of how the Avengers combat towards Thanos and his large military would finish with Tony’s massive sacrifice. You possibly can try the idea by redditor u/IronManMkXLVI right here.

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