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Dream Meals Or Nightmare? Twitter Consumer Bakes Hand-Formed Cookie Stuffed With Greek Salad He Noticed in His Dream, Shares Recipe of Bizarre Meals Combo in Viral Twitter Thread

The weird food combinations are not going to end anytime soon. People seem to love experimenting with different food items and serving as one, that is enough to kill your appetite. Recently, someone made Ferrero Rocher Manchurian. If you thought that was disgusting, wait for it. This man dreamt of a hand-shaped cookie, stuffed with Greek salad. Wait; what? We don’t know whether we should call it a ‘dream food,’ as it is nothing less than a nightmare, but the Twitter user surely tried making it and even went on to share the recipe. He posted pictures of how he made this weird food combo that he claims to have seen in the dream.

The Internet has come up with some of the weirdest food combinations; someone could ever think of. And the pandemic has forced people to try out different recipes, giving some of them a chance to gross people out with their disgusting recipe ideas. Kiwi Pizza, Maggi Panipuri in India, and more, social media users surely tried some of the most odd food combinations to treat their taste buds. And the recent salad-stuffed cookie joins the list too.

Twitter user @thatfrood posted pictures that he recently had a dream about this food called, King’s Head—a hand-shaped cookie, stuffed with salad and so he wanted to try it. “I had a dream where there was a food called “King’s Hand”, a hollow hand made of m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad. I could not stop thinking about it. Here is the culmination of a week long effort.”

Here’s the Salad-Stuffed Cookie

Yes, it took him a week to finally figure out how to bake the salad-stuffed cookie. He captured the entire process and shared the pictures of his several attempts before finally baking the weird recipe.

Those Who Wanted to Know the Recipe

Prepare the Dough

Here’s the Third Step


Do you want to try baking it? This is one more incident that shows how absolutely wild we have let ourselves in the kitchen this year. Our collective ability to rise above regular pizzas or cookies of yesteryear onto weirder food trends is horrifying. However, some strange trends are quite impressive too!

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