DNA Day 2023: Interesting Facts About DNA That Will Leave You Quite Surprised

Published:Dec 7, 202306:19

DNA Day is well known on the twenty fifth of April within the United States to watch the completion of The Human Genome Project in 2003. The double helix {shape} of DNA was found in 1953. The aim of National DNA Day is to lift consciousness and curiosity for academics, college students and the general public to know more about DNA and in addition to have a good time the most recent advance in genomic analysis.

DNA Day was formally marked as an annual day of celebration by The National Human Genome Research Institute after congress handed the concurrent decision to present it an official title in 2003. DNA was launched as a revolutionary idea and the knowledge that we discover solely retains advancing. Here are some attention-grabbing info about DNA that may shock you.

Interesting Facts About DNA 

1. Humans and fruit flies share 60% of their genes, with 2/3 of these genes recognized to be concerned in most cancers.

2. Your DNA is lengthy sufficient to stretch 600 instances from the earth to the solar. Each of your cells' DNA strands could be 6 ft lengthy if unwound and linked collectively.

3. Only 0.1 p.c of the three billion base pairs within the human genome are distinctive to us, so each human being shares 99.9% of their DNA with everybody else.

4. Our genome accommodates roughly 3 million DNA bases.

5. Over 500 DNA codes have been misplaced in human evolution.

6. The genetic code in DNA is made up of solely 4 parts. Adenine (A), guanine (G), thymine (T), and cytosine (C) are the 4 nucleotides that make-up DNA (C).

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid and is also known as the constructing block of life. The directions for telling our our bodies how one can develop and performance are saved in DNA. The nucleotide letters maintain the DNA code, and the completely different letters characterize various things. DNA analysis has developed over time and now you can discover out about your Ancestory intimately by doing a DNA take a look at.

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