Did WandaVision Slyly Reference an Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Conspiracy Principle?

The third episode of WandaVision, “Now in Color,” has launched and at first look, it seems to proceed its mind-boggling streak however with a reasonably straight ahead storyline that focuses on Wanda and her accelerated being pregnant in addition to the rising weirdness in Westview (that are subjects for totally completely different articles). These searching for Easter Eggs is likely to be disenchanted, however for those who look nearer, you’ll find a doable reference to a loopy conspiracy principle from Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If in case you have been following WandaVision from the primary episode, you’ll know that it is “commercials” conceal a deeper that means then simply being metaphors referring to Wanda’s backstory. We’ve got already defined how the commercials within the first two episodes arrange the return of an outdated MCU villain, HYDRA. Whereas the industrial in Episode 3 as soon as once more identify drops the HYDRA and stresses about forgetting one’s actuality, it additionally reminds ardent Marvel followers (who’ve devoured its each collection and movie) of a very hilarious conspiracy principle in regards to the villainous group that cropped up in Marvel’s Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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What’s the industrial about?

Midway within the present, simply as Wanda’s contractions start, an infomercial rolls in starring the identical actress (Victoria Blade) who acted within the earlier commercials, however this time she seems as a drained and flustered housewife who’s simply performed with the stress of managing the home and taking care of the youngsters. She is then transported to an expensive spa and is seen lounging in a shower tub with Hydra Soak Bathtub Powder that guarantees to make “your problems float away.” 

The voiceover proclaims that it’s for “when you want to get away but you don’t want to go anywhere.” The industrial ends with urging the viewer to “Find the Goddess within.” To place it merely, the idea that HYDRA has Wanda underneath its management is turning into increasingly believable because the industrial as soon as once more hints that the Avenger is locked in her personal make-shift actuality with somebody augmenting this delusion.

However what held our consideration was the blue cleaning soap itself which could possibly be a intelligent reference to {Brokers of SHIELD) Season 4, Episode 17, “Identity and Change”, the place Agent Phil Coulson angrily drones on and on about his “ingenious” principle that makes Daisy Johnson’s expression go all “Wow, he is losing his marbles”- HYDRA’s blue mind-controlling cleaning soap. 

Brokers of SHIELD and the HYDRA “soap”

In AoS Season 4, the final seven episodes fell underneath the part “Agents of Hydra,” the place Coulson, Daisy, and the remainder of the heroes have been plugged right into a digital actuality, referred to as Framework, the place HYDRA reigns. Reverse to their identities in the actual world, right here the heroes lead alternate lives like Coulson was a meek instructor and Daisy was a HYDRA operative. In seventeenth episode, Daisy satisfied Coulson that they’re each caught within the Framework whereas in actuality, their our bodies are being held captive. Coulson agreed and likewise identified legitimate details like how occasions on this pretend world did not match up or make a lot sense earlier than he jumped to postulate a bizarre conspiracy principle of his to elucidate how HYDRA is controlling everybody.

“I would’ve figured it out a long time ago if it wasn’t for the mind control soap…The blue soap everyone uses? HYDRA loads it up with chemicals. It seeps into our bloodstream. Implants false memories into our brains. They want us to believe this is a magical place. But don’t worry, I’m clear. I make my own soap now.”

Whereas this certainly was Coulson mixing up the mission TAHITI with Framework, the looks of the blue HYDRA cleaning soap in WandaVision does seem like an apparent shout-out to the ABC present. Although Kevin Feige has actually declared that the earlier Marvel exhibits aren’t a part of the MCU and maybe this HYDRA cleaning soap is simply an unintended throwback, it does make up for the right reference. Identical to Wanda is presumably caught in a HYDRA created actuality whereas the vile group holds her physique captive, the actual Brokers of SHIELD episode it hollers at had a considerably comparable storyline with characters forgetting their previous and dwelling within the made-up world. 

What do you suppose? Was this a coincidence or a intelligent AoS Easter egg? You may catch WandaVision‘s newest episode which is presently streaming on the official Disney+ app.

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