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When it comes to sports betting, strategy and luck work hand in hand. Cricket betting isn’t an exception to this rule because you usually need more than good luck to win. A better understanding of the game will make it much easier to come up with accurate predictions.

You’ll find it helpful to seek assistance from cricket betting experts like Betpack. Here are some expert tips to help you improve on achieving perfect match predictions. 

Tip #1: Look Out for Value 

A cricket game’s odds play a significant role in helping you predict a match and win big. Always keep in mind that odds are determined by comparing the underdogs and the favourites. 

While examining your teams’ odds, compare it with your team’s position and performance. This knowledge will help you develop a betting strategy that will increase your winning chances.

Additionally, you can look for the bonuses offered by your sportsbook. Betpack’s first deposit bonuses list will definitely help you find better value for your money.

Tip # 2: Be Informed About Pitch Reports

The condition of a pitch significantly dictates how a team will perform. Different cricket teams prefer different types of pitches and bowling formats. If your team is playing under preferable pitch conditions, it stands a higher winning chance. 

For instance, spin bowlers perform best under damp pitch conditions. Thus, in wet pitches, you should bet on the team with a superior spin attack. Similarly, Australian pitches favour pace bowling. The team with the better spin attack will also likely perform better here.

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On the other hand, spinners will have a hard time on pitches with lots of grass. Drier pitches also favour batting.

Therefore, before you place your bet, make a point of understanding pitch conditions and your team’s strength. 

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Tip # 3 Familiarize Yourself with Cricket Betting Formats

While developing your betting strategy, it will be helpful if you know the most commonly used formats. 

Basic bets, team-based bets, and player-based formats are the most common in cricket betting. Live in-play bets have also increased in popularity recently.

Basic bets consist of specific betting formats—including match-winners, series winners, and tournament winners. Essentially, this format involves predicting the winner of a particular contest. 

Team-based bets allow you to bet on different winning aspects of both teams in a match. For instance, you could predict the winner of the toss, a team’s total innings, or even partnership totals. Betting platforms provide other creative and exciting betting options for every match.

Player-based bets revolve around predicting who among the 22 main team players will win an award. Some of the standard betting options available include the best bowler, best batman, and most catches. This betting aspect requires you to get an in-depth understanding of each player before attempting to predict.

The live in-play bets target punters who enjoy live games. You can place bets-for-mode of dismissal and runs off an over-under in this category. If you predict well, you won’t be able to sit still on your seat throughout the live game.


Cricket betting, as is the case of many live sports betting, requires strategy in addition to luck. The tips above will help you get a better understanding of the game and betting aspects. With this understanding, you should be able to develop a winning strategy.

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