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Covid-19 state tally: Tamil Nadu replaces Gujarat as second worst-hit state, Maharashtra on top

The number of coronavirus cases in the country crossed the 80,000-mark on Friday. According to the latest figures updated by the Ministry of Health, the Covid-19 national tally stands at 81,970. There are 51,401 active coronavirus cases in the country, 27,919 patients have been cured or discharged while 2,649 people have died from the deadly contagion.

Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra have breached the 27,000-mark while in Gujarat, the Covid-19 cases have crossed 9,500.

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Here’s the statewise breakup of the number of coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries.


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With 27,524 Covid-19 active cases, Maharashtra continues to lead the state tally. The state has recorded 1,019 deaths so far while 6,059 patients have recovered.

Tamil Nadu

The southern state is second in terms of number of Covid-19 cases. Tamil Nadu has 9,674 coronavirus cases. It has seen 2,240 recoveries and 66 Covid-19 deaths.

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The tally in the state, as per the Ministry of Health, stands at 9,591. While 586 people have died due to the coronavirus disease, Gujarat has seen 3,753 recoveries so far.


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As many as 8,470 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the national capital. One hundred fifteen people have died from the infection while 3,045 have made a recovery, as per the health ministry’s data.


Coronavirus cases in Rajasthan touched 4,534 on Friday. The state has reported 125 fatalities, and 2,580 patients have recovered from the infection.

Madhya Pradesh

The state has reported 4,426 positive cases of coronavirus. Two hundred thirty seven people have died from Covid-19 here while 2,171 have recovered.

Uttar Pradesh

The number of Covid-19 positive cases reaches 3,902 in Uttar Pradesh. While 2,072 people have recovered from coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh, 88 have died from the infection here.

Andhra Pradesh

The state has witnessed 2,205 positive Covid-19 patients and 1,192 cases of recovery. Forty eight people have died.

West Bengal

The number of infected cases in West Bengal reached 2,377 on Friday. There have been 215 deaths and 768 recoveries in the state.


The number of Covid-19 positive cases reaches 1,414 in state so far. Nine hundred fifty people people have made a recovery from the virus while 34 people have died from Covid-19.

Jammu and Kashmir

The union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has seen the number of Covid-19 patients rising to 983. Eleven people have died from the infection while 485 were cured.


The state has recorded 987 Covid-19 cases and 35 deaths. As many as 460 people have been cured and discharged.

Haryana and Punjab

The neighbouring states have 818 and 1,935 Covid-19 cases respectively. While 32 people have died in Punjab, Haryana has seen 11 deaths. Four hundred thirty nine people have recovered from Covid-19 in Haryana, 223 in Punjab.


As per the health ministry, Kerala reported 560 coronavirus cases on Thursday. Kerala has witnessed four deaths due to Covid-19 while 491 people have successfully recovered.

In Bihar, 994 people have tested positive for Covid-19, seven people have died while 411 patients have recovered. Odisha has 611 Covid-19 positive patients, 158 have recovered while three people have died. Jharkhand has 197 Covid-19 cases, three patients have died and 87 have recovered.

Uttarakhand has 78 coronavirus patients, 50 patients have recovered from the infection, one patient has died. Himachal Pradesh has 74 cases, two patients have died and 39 have recovered. Assam has reported 87 Covid-19 cases, two people have died while 39 people have recovered.

Chhattisgarh has recorded 60 cases of coronavirus and 56 people have recovered. In Chandigarh, 191 people have contracted the Covid-19 disease and 37 have recovered, three people have died. Andaman has recorded 33 coronavirus cases, all patients have recovered.

Ladakh has 43 patients, 22 people have recovered. Goa reported 14 cases of Covid-19 disease, seven have recovered. Puducherry has reported 13 cases, nine have recovered and one person has died. Meghalaya has reported 13 cases and one death, 11 patients have recovered. One patient has died.

Manipur had three coronavirus cases, and two of them have recovered. Tripura, meanwhile, has 156 cases, 29 patients have recovered.

States and Union territories with just one positive Covid-19 case include Dadra Nagar Haveli, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. All patients in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram have recovered. Sikkim has not reported any Covid-19 case yet.

Note: Figures are from official data released by the Ministry of Health, and may differ from realtime numbers released by various state governments subject to confirmation from the Centre.

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