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Concerns about the inflation in the US

The US economic conditions are not thriving after the long period of lockdown and tough economic conditions. Prices are rising across the board from used automobiles and fuels to timber and groceries. Families and companies rebuilding from the epidemic are being squeezed by the return of inflation after a decade-long absence. The highest costs might be viewed as proof that President Joe Biden’s economic and health programs are effective in many respects. The effective introduction of vaccinations has allowed businesses to reopen, letting Americans travel, spend and work again. Rock-bottom interest rates and huge government spending are boosting growth.

For many years, a Japanese-style spiral of dropping prices was the US economy’s worst fear. The concern not for the White House is that the economy overheats, forcing the Federal Reserve to claim it down by rising interest rates so quickly that the Biden boom, both on Main Street and Wall Street, is short-circuited.

Inflation has returned, undermining Biden’s attempts to reduce inequality. This is because increasing costs on basics hurt the most low-income households who are also the ones who have been impacted worst by the pandemic.

Inflation Risks

Larry Summers, the Clinton-era Treasury Secretary has issued a series of increasingly serious inflation warnings. He stated that overheating is now the primary danger confronting the US economy in an op-ed headed “The inflation risk is real.”. Former Obama administration officials said the Fed may need to tighten policy and encourage the Biden administration to move past emergency initiatives such as addressing a rising labor shortage.

Inflation spikes disproportionately affect the poor and are connected to a loss of faith in government, noting that inflation was a major factor in the election of Republican presidents in 1968 and 1980. The good news is that when the first shock of the reopening wears off, the Fed and many analysts expect prices to stabilize. The bad news is that, following a once-in-a-century epidemic, there is no inflation blueprint. Nobody knows for sure how transitory inflation will be.

Thomas Peterffy on the unstoppable situation

The former Wall Street pioneer, Thomas Pterffy made a comment on May 26, that inflation is going to be quite damaging for the US economy. The billionaire founder and chairman of Interactive Brokers made his remarks on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” and made the announcement about April’s higher-than-expected index. As a result, the impact of the consumer price index in Forex trading was considerable since it monitors the change in the price of a basket of goods and services over the previous 12 months. He said that he is very concerned that the situation is uncontrollable, because the longer the Fed delays, the more they will have to hike rates, which will make paying US government debt more difficult.

According to the Labor Department, the consumer price index jumped 4.2% from a year ago in April. The CPI’s headline increase, which includes a variety of products as well as energy and housing expenses, is the fastest in more than a decade. The increase occurs as the United States’ economy recovers from the epidemic thanks to the continuous distribution of covid vaccines.

Year-over-year comparisons are influenced by the commencement of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which should be taken into account when interpreting April’s CPI statistics. Consumer prices fell by the most since December 2008 as a result of the health crisis and its economic consequences in April 2020.

As a result, Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Powell, have predicted that inflation will appear higher this spring due to so-called base effects. Despite this, the CPI data released on May 26, showed a month-to-month increase of0.8 percent, far more than the 0.2 percent projected by experts.

Powell has stated several times that he expects price hikes would be temporary during the Covid Recovery and will not signal the beginning of serious runaway inflation as the United States did in the 1960s and 1970s. This is why Powell and other central bankers believe that the extraordinarily accommodating monetary policy enacted in response to the epidemic must be maintained.

Peterffy is not the only one who thinks the Fed’s present strategy is flawed, on May 27th, billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller slammed the Fed, implying that the dollar’s long-term viability was in Jeopardy.

No sign of long-term inflation

These inflation fears are being resisted by the White House. They say that they are expecting short supply and demand mismatches. Whether it is fewer rental cars available at first or fewer airline flights when the airplanes return to the old-normal, they expect temporary imbalances. Although certain supply chain constraints would take time to resolve, the Biden official noted that they do not see signals for permanent disruption or long-term inflation.

Inflation is not only an issue for the Federal Reserve in the United States and that it is not the only participant in this game. However, Washington has been warned about doing more boosts for the red-hot economy. Higher minimum salaries, stronger unions, more generous employee benefits, and tighter regulations are all good, yet they also raise corporate expenses and prices. The rising economy, as well as the comeback of inflation, make Biden’s plans to spend more than $4 trillion on the American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan increasingly difficult to justify.

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