Chaupaal Cafe Evaluate - Greatest Chai, Greatest Pals and Good Occasions

Published:Nov 30, 202314:37

People of Jaipur are always up for a good chai and I am no different. Recently, our team explored one such Tea Cafe in Jaipur which could be one of the best chai cafés in the city. And, to our surprise, it is located in the center of the city. We are talking about Chaupaal Café at Nehru Place mates.

To begin with, let us first know where is Chaupaal Café in Jaipur?

Chaupaal Café is situated in the Nehru Place shopping complex near the Bank of Baroda. It is located on one of the busiest roads of Jaipur; Tonk Road.

Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur
Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur

A nice Café for business meetings in Jaipur

Someday or another, we all have tried to discover a perfect place for business meetings. It was a fine sunny day when I was scheduled to meet a client around Lal Kothi Area, an area famous for Cafes, Restaurants, Corporate Offices, and Coaching Classes.

The client suggested we meet at Chaupal Café at Nehru Place. When there a cozy café with perfect Rajasthani style interior was there to surprise us and trust me you will be amazed too. It is up to the discreet decision of the guests if they want to sit inside the room or just hang out with the friends for ‘fresh air’.

Nehru Place is a large shopping complex thus there is plenty of space available for sitting outside the café with a large group of friends.

Highlights of Chaupaal Café:

  • Friendly staff and the owner will always make you feel welcomed
  • Chai in Kulhad is a specialty of Chaupaal Café; don’t forget to ask for your free ParleG biscuit pack with it
  • Prime location and cozy sitting area (outdoor and indoor)
Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur
Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur

Best Chai in Jaipur?

The smell of freshly made tea mixed with earthen pots is divine and it adds to the value of the time one spends at Chaupal Café. The detailed menu will give plenty of options to choose from different varieties of tea. My recommendation for you is to try refreshing ginger tea at Chaupal. You may also like Tulsi Tea, Masala Tea, etc.

Chaupaal Cafe of Jaipur
Chaupaal Cafe of Jaipur

After my initialization, I visited the Café many times. Sometimes it was for business meetings and sometimes it was to hang out with my gang. As a big-time foodie, I have ordered almost every dish on the menu. From some traditional Indian snacks to delicious Pizzas, you will find some luring foods on the menu.

Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur
Chaupaal Cafe Jaipur

If Chaupal Café must be recognized by something apart from a good chai, it must be Peri Peri Cheese Maggie. The owner cum chef has experimented with the dish, which will leave a lasting taste of Maggie and cheese blend. Apart from it, you can also try Loaded Fries, Garlic Bread and Biscuit Pizza.

Should you worry about the prices?

The prices at the café are moderate as the usual customers are young college-going students and corporate employees. The best part is you won’t have to think about the bill when you are having the best chai in Jaipur with your friends.

It is also a suggested place to hang out for couples and group of friends.

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There is always an inspiring story behind a successful venture

You will find a welcoming face at Chaupaal, cheerful, always there with a smiling face, happy to help, and take feedbacks. Srishthi is ideal for female entrepreneurs who are willing to make it big in the restaurant industry.

I was fortunate to catch hold of her and learn about her inspiring journey from a corporate employee to a Café owner. A commerce graduate, she has always dreamt of owning a café. Even during the time as a corporate employee, she kept learning about the café business and making notes. Unlike many girls, Srishthi started to save for her dream when she was in her late teens. Inspiring, isn’t she?

Srishthi at Chaupaal Cafe
Srishthi at Chaupaal Cafe

What are the timings of Chaupal Café?

The café starts serving from 11 AM in the morning and takes the last order by 10:45 PM in the night.

Is there a parking facility available at Chaupaal Café?

Yes, there is ample space available for car parking and two-wheeler parking at Chaupaal Café, Jaipur.

So, what are you waiting for? Just call your friends and visit this awesome Tea Cafe in Jaipur. Don’t forget to mention your experience in the comments section. You may also follow us on Facebook & Instagram for regular updates.




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