Buzz Cut Numbers

Buzz Cut Numbers
Buzz Cut Numbers 1

The buzz cut is a common hairstyle for most men since it is stylish and practical. It is one of the most practical haircuts if you don’t like the hustle of styling your hair when getting ready in the morning. Different buzz haircut numbers are depending on the length of hair you want to be left on the scalp.

Basically, the concept of the different buzz haircut numbers can be related to different guard numbers. This means you use the guard number matching the buzz haircut style you are looking for. The different styles from the different numbers offer the versatility required to choose different styles depending on personality. Check out the different buzz cut numbers below.

  1. Number 0 Buzz Haircut

This is the shortest buzz haircut that you can get. It is similar to going bald since no tangible hair is left on the head. You do not need to attach any guard on the clippers for this haircut. The permanent guard that comes with the clippers is all you need for the cut.

The number 0 buzz cut is common among the military as it leaves a neat, complete shave which is part of their work ethics. The hair that is visible is approximately a sixteenth of an inch, meaning that most of the scalp is exposed. 

The short and clean shave makes this idea the easiest to maintain. However, you will be required to visit the barber regularly for a trim to maintain the initial shape of the haircut. The duration between which you need to get the trims depends on how fast your hair grows.

  1. Number 1 Buzz Haircut
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This is a slight improvement of the number 0 haircut. The difference is, however, very minor, which means that the hair left is extremely short. The haircut is done by attaching the number one guard number on the clippers where the length of the hair left is about an eighth of an inch.

The hairstyle is also very neat and does require a lot of styling and shaping, which is important for busy men. Again, you will be required to get regular trims to maintain the original concept of this haircut.

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Buzz Cut Numbers 2
  1. Number 2 Buzz Haircut

This is the advancement of the number one buzz haircut. In most cases, you can achieve this hairstyle naturally as you grow out of what was originally the number 0 or number 1 buzz cut. The hair left is about two-eighths of an inch, and guard number 2 is attached to the clipper to do the cutting.

  1. Number 3 Buzz Haircut

The scalp is covered for this buzz haircut idea since the hair left is a little bit longer. The number 3 haircut is almost double the number two, meaning the hair left is generally long.

The haircut is achieved by attaching guard number three to the clippers and is the perfect option if you do not want to go too short or too long. The length of the hair left from the scalp is about three-eighths of an inch.

You can combine this buzz haircut number with your favorite beard style for an outstanding look. The look is mostly done by office professionals that are trying to meet work ethics but do not want to trim their hair too short.

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Buzz Cut Numbers 3
  1. Number 4 Buzz Haircut

The scalp is also completely covered, and there is no major difference with the buzz haircut number three except for a slight difference in the length. It is achieved by attaching guard number four on the clipper, and you can combine it with your favorite fade on the sides and the back for a little twist.

  1. Number 5 Buzz Haircut

It is a little bit longer than the number four haircut and is achieved using guard number five on the clippers.

  1. Number 6 Buzz Haircut

The hair left is considerably medium length. You will be needed to attach guard number six to attain this haircut. The hair left from the scalp is approximately three-quarters of an inch.

  1. Number 7 Buzz Haircut

This is the ideal option other than number 8 if you want to get a relatively long buzz cut. You can maintain a uniform length throughout the head or combine it with fades on the sides and the back

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