5 Relaxing Books To Read During Quarantine

Even though the pandemic is slowing down, unlike the last time, different state governments still have their guards up. Few state governments require the passengers to submit their RT-PCR test and few others are still recommending quarantine. At the top of it, the awoke people are following self-quarantine to ensure that their loved ones are safe. If you are stuck in quarantine and are wondering how to spend your time, then you are in luck. If you are a book lover, you should surely try to read five of these relaxing books during quarantine to get out of the quarantine blues. 

1. The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

This is a feel-good book that will change your perspective towards life. The book revolves around Nora Seed and a library that consists of an infinite number of books. What is special about the books in this library? Each of these books can carry Nora Seed to a different reality and allow her to enjoy that life. Often in life, we are left wondering, “What if?” The books present in the midnight library allows Nora Seed not only to answer those questions but live in that alternate library. You can read this book to find out whether the other alternate lives that Nora Seed has are better than her current life. It is quick to read and is a fast-paced book that will keep the reader on toes wanting for more. 

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2. The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley 

The Authenticity Project is a book that can be best enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee and a cosy blanket. It is the perfect book to feel good immediately. The book is not only heart-warming but also very humorous too. The book revolves around six strangers whose lives are intertwined with “The Authenticity Project”. The Authenticity Project is a notebook created by Julian Jessop who in order to escape his loneliness starts jotting the truth of his life in a small green notebook. One will find plenty of Love Status in this book. After writing down his truth, he leaves his notebook in his neighbourhood cafe to pass it around. Each of the six members in the book jots down their truth in this notebook and gets drawn towards a roller-coaster ride of life. 

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3. A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

This is the only book that you will need to brighten your life. From the title of the book, it is clear that this novel revolves around Ove. With millions of copies sold, this heartwarming book is both funny and uplifting at the same time. While flipping through the first few pages, as a reader you might get irritated with the grumpiest man that you will ever meet. If you think you have got an attitude, you should try to meet the Attitude Status of Ove. However, as you progress with your reading, you might only not start liking him but also love him. What is the story of his life? What is he longing for? Do things work as planned are a few of the questions that the book answers for the reader. 

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4.Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

If you are a Harry Potter fan and love to read about the magical world, then Inkheart is the right book for you. Even though Inkheart is considered a children’s book, it can be equally enjoyed by adults too. Mo, a character in the book, has a special talent. By reading aloud from the book, he can bring the character of the book alive. The only terrible part of his talent is that when a fictional character comes into life, someone from the real world enters the world of the book. Mo learns it way too late and has lost his wife to him. Now that Meggie, his daughter, has started questioning her father after meeting a mysterious man, things will start taking a strange turn. 

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5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 

If you are a sucker of romance and haven’t read Pride and Prejudice till now, then it needs to be changed. This classic book holds the beautiful love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. What started as hatred at the first sight turns into a deep feeling of love. Pride and Prejudice, as the title suggests, it is a tale of pride and prejudice and a journey that leaves the reader wondering will love ever win?

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