Bet or Casino: Pro Tips for Increasing your Returns

Published:Nov 28, 202304:06

When you decide to wager money online, you have a choice to make. Will you play games of chance at casinos not on Gamstop, or will you spend your money on sports betting, hoping to land a lucrative win?

Before deciding how you would like to enjoy your time, you need some background to the games you want to play if you opt for the online casino option. If sports is your thing, you would also be expected to have some knowledge of betting markets, odds and also a betting strategy. 

If you want to make a dime out of your betting, here are some hints and tips on how to come out victorious!

Difference between betting and casino

If you opt to play at an online casino, you would be able to spin the reels of the latest slot machine, or you can enjoy table games, live or non-live. If you are lucky enough, the site will offer you a welcome offer that you can spend on any game of your choice, including scratch cards. Although many punters debate that no skill is needed to play casino games, we do beg to differ, as games such as Poker, Baccarat, Roulette etc., require some knowledge to master.  

Sports betting also needs some knowledge beforehand to win your bets. If you are unfamiliar with betting markets and how odds work, today would be a good place and time to brush up on that knowledge. Betting is the art of placing bets on a sport to guess a score or event during a match/game/fight or a sporting contest. 

In the meantime, here are some hints and tips from our end to win big.

Winning at an online casino 

When people wager funds on games of chance, luck plays a significant role; however, there are some tricks you could deploy to win big.  

Strategy - You cannot go in and play without a strategy. Before you build a house, you need a plan, an outline, and a design. You need the same when playing online. While slot games are basic, and your wins are based on pure fun and chance, other games require more skill. Going all in during a game of poker is not worth it unless you have 3 of a kind or more. Having 4 of a kind is the hand we all crave. However, knowing these small tricks requires you to play the game, read about it and watch others play it. Online casinos offer you a ‘play for fun’ option; use that to get acquainted with your games of choice, and once you feel that you have mastered everything there is to know, play for real money.  

Play jackpot games - You will find many jackpot games at your favorite online casinos, with some having the best progressive jackpots out there. Let’s take Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, for instance, which is known to turn common players into millionaires. The progressive slot game is so popular it has its own website, clearly indicating the mounting jackpot amount. The site also highlights when the progressive jackpot hits, highlighting the winners and their lucrative wins; hence you can get a rough idea of when the next jackpot is due. When the jackpot reaches new heights with Mega Moolah or any other progressive jackpot game you have your eyes set on, you should invest and go all in for the win. 

Make the most of bonuses and promos - Whenever you join a new online casino, you are showered with a welcome offer. Usually, a welcome offer would consist of a 100% deposit match on your initial deposits and a set number of free bonus spins to enjoy. Following that, you can enjoy weekly offers that include cashback on your losses, free bonus spins when depositing funds and game tournaments. Make the most welcome offers wherever you can find them, but remember that loyalty also pays when sticking to one online casino. 

Winning at sports betting

Betting on sports might make your heart skip a beat, but in reality, it is so exciting you will come back for more. Want to make the max out of your sports betting fun?  Here are some hints and tips from yours truly. 

Find a sport and stick to it - You might like basketball, we might like boxing, and the person sitting next to you might enjoy football. We all have a chosen sport that we excel in, and we all talk about our chosen sport with ease, confidence and pride. The same notion should be applied to sports betting, to choose sports, master everything there is to know about it and stick to it. Let’s say you enjoy boxing; a good way to start is to understand the weight divisions, the world champs, upsets and more. You cannot bet on a sport without not knowing anything about it. However, if you have enough knowledge, history and previous fight info, you can confidently place bets and make good money. 

Master the betting markets like a pro - Betting markets are the various options you have at your disposal. You can bet on an outcome of a game, wager on who will commit the most fouls, or bet on who will cause an upset. This is the beauty of sports betting, and we are here for it! You could also tempt your luck at learning more about esports, and conquering that market in its current primitive stages. Breathe the game, master the game, and you will win the game. 

Your game, your choice

We talked about online casinos, we discussed sports betting, and we agreed that both need some strategy to master. Wherever you choose to register and play, always make sure you play at legal sites, and make the most of online casino bonuses, yet pay special attention to wagering requirements. During the week, promos could be an excellent way to keep getting the best out of your deposits, while in-game tournaments will also offer you an extra potential win. Small hints and tips could make or break you in gaming and betting. 

Play and enjoy the buzz that wagering money online offer, yet always keep your play light and fun. Sports or casino? Your game, your betting and your choice. 

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