Benjamin Basumatary, Assam's politician, sleeps on bed of 500 notes 

Published:Mar 30, 202408:11
Benjamin Basumatary, Assam's politician, sleeps on bed of 500 notes

An Assamese politician's photo is going viral. The picture of Benjamin Basumatary sleeping on a pile of Rs 500 notes has gone viral after it was posted by the Assamese politician on his Facebook page.

With the Lok Sabha election 2024 just around the corner, the pictures have sparked controversy among internet users across the globe. The United People's Liberal Party (UPLP) has suspended Benjamin Basumatary as a member due to his inactivity.

An Assamese politician appeared to sleep on a pile of 500 rupee notes, bare chested, in the viral photo that went viral. His forehead, face, and body were covered with bundles of money all over them.

What UPPL Party Leader Has to Say On This 

In the wake of the viral picture, Pramod Boro, the United People's Liberal Party's president, made an announcement on January 10, 2023, announcing Benjamin Basumatary's suspension from the party.

Pramod Boro went to X, formerly Twitter, and shared Benjamin Basumatary’s reaction to the viral photo.

The UPPL Leader stated,

“A malicious photo of Benjamin Basumatary has been widely spread by media and social media users associated with UPPL. It has nothing to do with UPPL or the BTC government. The photo was taken five years ago by Mr Basumatary’s friends while they were partying, and he was blackmailed with this photo thereafter. The cash in the photo was Benjamin Basumatary’s sister.”

As per The Economic Times, Pramod Boro also mentioned the disciplinary actions taken against Benjamin. 

UPPL leader Pramod Boro stated, We need to stop linking Mr. Basumatary with UPPL in all media outlets and on social media. There is no accountability for his personal acts on behalf of the party, because he is solely responsible for the actions he takes.

Benjamin Basumatary’s acceptance 

In spite of the fact that Benjamin Basumatary accepted that the photograph was of him, it was taken five years ago at a party by his close friends. Upon being questioned, he clarified that the money featured in the picture was actually his sister's money.

AAP Punjab shared the viral photo. It added that neither any state agency of Assam nor CBI or ED had the guts to act against members of the BJP’s alliance in Assam.

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