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Lace Wigs Beating the Heat for Special Occasions

Lace Wig

It’s a great time to showcase your best coif during spring and summer. Many women struggle with hair care in hot and humid conditions. Although wearing a lace wig in the heat might seem alarming, it can be a great way to keep calm and look good all year. Before we get into the advice, let’s first look at why. A lace wig is not just for fashion but also serves a purpose. Hair damage can occur from severe weather conditions like heat, sun and other air pollutants. You can protect your hair from the drying heat by wearing a summer lace wig. In addition, hair growth and health can be improved by avoiding heat styling and blow-drying.

Type of Cap

You must choose the fitting cap for your unit to keep it cool during hot weather. Ventilation is excellent with lace caps like French and hd lace wigs which is the best lace, will breathe the best. These two types of hats are the most popular, but many other options produce excellent results. Injection silk-based lace is also called silk top units. It consists of one layer of lace and one layer of silk. The knots of hair strands are hidden between the layers. Combining silk and lace creates a lighter unit with maximum scalp breathability.

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Hair Type

Many women are unsure which hair unit to choose between, human or synthetic. Although human hair looks more natural, it is also more expensive. Synthetic hair is often purchased by women who are more concerned about cost but still want the styling options and versatility of human hair. Both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to beating the heat. Lace wigs for human hair feel lighter and more breathable than lace wigs for other types of hair.

However, heat styling tools can damage human hair during the summer months. Hair damaged by humans can lead to shedding, which can be detrimental to your hair’s natural health. In addition, you can harm your hair by exposing it to the sun and heat if it isn’t repaired. Synthetic hair looks great because they last longer than a human hair. However, synthetic hair can be problematic because lace wigs have more hair than human hair, preventing air from reaching the scalp. Additionally, synthetic hair of lower quality can draw more heat from the plastic.

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Color Choice

You can beat the heat with a lace wig by choosing the right color. We all know from grade school that darker colors attract heat. It can be uncomfortable to feel hot if you wear black, off-black, or very dark brown hair colors. It is a simple solution to wear lighter colors in the summer months. You don’t have to be bleach blonde to keep cool. Honey blondes and more golden browns make great base colors. If you’re not so daring, use lighter shades to highlight darker colors.


Being hot can cause some discomfort. For example, people complain of itching at the hairline of lace wigs. Although it may appear like a heat issue, this is a problem with hair care. When it’s hot, sweat and dirt can quickly build up. This buildup causes an itchy scalp. Therefore, it is essential to wash your hair regularly in summer. Also, to prevent lace tangles and breakouts, make sure you clean the hairline thoroughly.

Even though lace wigs can be beautiful, many women make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes aren’t just for newbies. Celebrities have also been exposed to them. You can read the rest of this article to learn what you should not do when wearing a hair wig.

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Barber Straight Hairline

This is the most obvious sign that a lace wig is not of good quality. A straight barber hairline means that your hairline is straight as if you have just been to the barber. High-quality wigs will have a slightly different hairline to match the natural hairline.

If the problem persists, there is an easy fix. First, put a piece of white paper behind the lace to make it visible. Then, to make it look natural, you can begin to tweeze the individual hairs along the hairline. Unfortunately, you cannot reapply hairs once they are removed.

Knots that are not sealed

It can be dangerous to leave untied knots in your lace wig. The knots will initially stay intact and tightly tied. Over time, however, unsealed knots can cause excessive shedding. You can shed your hair by brushing your hair or running your hands through it. The lace wig should be worn on the head and not on the shoulders or clothes.

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You should never skimp on sealing knots. You can purchase a knot sealant at any beauty supply shop. Turn your wig inside out before you apply it for the first time. The cap should be sufficiently saturated with water to penetrate the hair on one side. Allow to dry, then use the spray at least once more. You will not need to spray again after your first sealing.

Visible Lace

Your lace lines should not be visible when you wear a lace wig. Some women get caught with a crisscross pattern on their hairline. Because the lace is thicker, French lace wigs often make this pattern more obvious. This pattern is made more evident by glue shine or lace that doesn’t match your skin tone. You have two options: dye your lace to match your skin tone or eliminate the glue shine.

Use a makeup sponge or q-tof to remove excess glue. Alcohol is recommended as an adhesive remover to remove small amounts of glue. Let excess dry glue and apply concealer to the hairline. Heavy density looks unnatural. It is probably not natural if your lace wig starts to sit on top or has thick hair at the temples. Heavy density can be difficult to fix at home. Professional help may be required. If you are skilled in styling, you can trim the hair using shearing scissors.

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