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Aromatherapy Is The Self Care You Did not Know You Wanted

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It’s hard to be stressed when aromatherapy smells this damn good. 

I am passionate about self-care.

On a number of occasions, I’ve taken #SelfCareSunday a bit too seriously, swapping my phone for a face mask and refusing to make any human interaction until I’m good and ready. I love meditating before a piping hot shower, followed by a glass of wine and a good book.

In our busy lives, it’s so important to make taking care of ourselves a priority. We are constantly run off our feet and burn out is nipping at our heels. Your mental and physical health will thank you for taking some time to be still and nurturing.

Everyone has a different self-care routine but the basics are pretty similar.

Bubble bath + skincare = relaxation station, right?

What if I told you I had a secret that would take your stress-free Sunday to the next level. Heck, you’ll (almost) never be stressed again.

Let me introduce you to my good friend aromatherapy.

I know what you’re thinking – smells aren’t going to take the stress away.

That’s where we disagree and I’ve got the science of smells on my side.

Aromatherapy is based around the notion that the body can be healed with scents. Different smells (particularly found in essential oils) trigger different psychological reactions in the brain.

When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. We have five senses that shape our perception of the world. Our sense of smell isn’t given the credit it deserves.

For every element of self-care from stressing less to sleeping, there is a scent that will do the job.

If aromatherapy isn’t already a part of your self-care routine you’re going to want to read this. Here are just a handful of the benefits you’ll notice when you add aromatherapy to your life.

It improves sleep quality

I’m convinced that lavender is made of magic.

Not only does it smell ah-may-zing, but it’s also an amazing healer, assisting your body to rest and recover. Lavender oil is the gateway scent in the world of aromatherapy. It’s among the most soothing scents and once you pop this in your diffuser, you’ll never go back.

Each night I pop a few drops of lavender oil in my diffuser and I notice a dramatic difference in sleep quality when I don’t. Don’t just save this one for self-care Sunday.

Lavender oil is the easiest way to make everyday a self-care day.


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Boost Your Energy

If you are feeling drained or even burnt out, aromatherapy is an amazing way of restoring your cells and boosting energy.

It follows that if you sleep well, you’ll feel awake the next morning. Peppermint oil can assist with this very thing. The vibrant scent of peppermint works to refresh the brain and work against fatigue. It’s a natural pain reliever that can be used to combat headaches or general muscle fatigue.

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Assists With Immunity

When we look after ourselves, our bodies often return the favor.

To invest time into self-care is to make a conscious effort to look after your body and promote its health and wellbeing. Adding a few drops of Sweet Orange oil into your diffuser when you feel a cold coming on is the easiest way to reduce the severity of symptoms and strengthen your immune system.

You’ll be feeling zesty and refreshed in no time.


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Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Exercise is an important part of any self-care routine.

Despite being essential to keeping the mind, body, and soul in working order, it’s hard to find time to squeeze in a work-out and deal with the muscle soreness the next day.

Fortunately, we’ve discovered that magnesium has deeply nourishing and healing properties. Applying magnesium oil to affected areas will not only leave you smelling amazing, but you’ll feel amazing too.

Magnesium boosts circulation, increasing blood flow and shortening the amount of time you’ll spend hobbling between workouts.


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Reduces Stress

It doesn’t take a scientist to know that good smells help us feel relaxed. Our association with pleasant smells is the reason we burn candles to feel cozy and calm. While I’m sure your vanilla bean candle smells awesome, try swapping it for Ylang Ylang essential oil. This gentle floral scent works to calm the mind and helps your brain wind down after a big day.

It’s even been proven to be a bit of an aphrodisiac and as you know, a steamy self-love session is the greatest stress relief we know.

Sniff and de-stress.


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