Apps You Need to Download if You’re a 20-Something Living in Pune

Published:Nov 28, 202318:13

If you’re a student or a young professional in Pune, we probably don’t need to tell you about how important your smartphone is for you. In fact, you’re probably reading this article on your smartphone right now. From shopping to ordering food to booking a taxi to watching movies, everything is accessible at the click of a finger. So, when it comes to moving to Pune and adjusting to life in a new city, why should it be any different? Whether you’re looking for 1 BHK flats for rent in Pune or if you want to learn how to manage your money in a new city, there are some really useful apps that will come in handy for you. So, if you’re a twenty-something living in Pune, here are some apps for you to download: 


As a student or a young professional living alone in Pune, you’re going to have a lot on your plate. Managing your class and work schedule, your chores and obligations as well as essentials like grocery shopping are going to occupy a large part of your life. And it can be difficult to remember every single task that you need to complete or to prioritise one over the other. Thankfully, an app like AnyDo makes adulting really easy for you. Simply put in the different tasks that you have to complete, categorise them using tags and check them off as you complete them. This will help you ensure that you’ve got your life on track and you’re making the best possible use of your time. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to be super-efficient and productive, this app’s “Plan your day” daily reminder might come in really handy for you.


Living alone can be expensive. Managing your money is probably something that you’re learning to do for the first time in Pune. That’s where Toshl Finance can help you out. Organise your expenses according to category and create a budget for yourself every month. This will allow you to keep track of your spending patterns and save money too. With this app, you’re far less likely to blow a hole through your wallet and end up broke by the end of the month.


You know one of the first things to get sacrificed when you move to a new city like Pune? It’s sleep. And we get it, there’s always so many exciting things to do and projects to complete by a certain deadline, so without your parents around to remind you to catch some z’s it's easy to overextend yourself. But perpetual sleep deprivation isn’t good for you. That’s why Sleepbot can be a really useful app to have. Use it to track the amount and quality of sleep that you have every night and to set alarms to help you wake up in the morning. You’ll be amazed at what a difference getting enough sleep can make to your physical and mental health.

Google Maps

Your phone probably comes preloaded with Google Maps but it’s time that you actually learnt to use it. You’re going to have to do a lot of travelling across Pune and the last thing you want is to get lost. But this app is actually more useful than just to map routes for yourself. You can use it to find information about public transport timing and costs, and even to find accommodation for yourself. All you need to do is search for a PG or hostel and you’ll get many options like the professionally managed Stanza Living residences in Pune in your vicinity. Their residences are equipped with the best tech-enabled and well-designed systems and will allow you to upgrade your life the way you upgrade your smartphones.

These apps are going to change the way you live as a young person in Pune. So, go ahead and download them right now. A simpler and easier life is waiting for you.

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