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Apps you can’t miss on a mobile phone

The range of apps for smartphones is vast. There are all kinds, but some of the most popular and useful are those that serve to organise aspects of daily life.

There are apps that can be used to control expenses and income, organise a trip, keep fit with simple exercises and even keep track of the thousands of passwords that a person accumulates throughout his or her life.

Check the weather

AccuWeather is the application providing daily and even hourly weather forecasts for any location. This service can be very useful for planning your daily routine, day trips or transfers at a glance on your mobile phone.

Its data includes details on rainfall, humidity and even allergy levels. It is constantly updated to provide real time information. It also has maps where you can see where there is a storm, for example.

Pack your suitcase

A very useful application when travelling or going on a getaway is PackPoint. It allows you to create lists of everything you need to pack in your suitcase so that you do not forget anything. It also recommends certain items depending on the type of trip, duration, activities to do or the climate of the place to visit.

Once created the lists can be shared with other people such as friends or family members, to make it easier to organise everything together.

To keep track of money

Fintonic is one of the most famous applications for managing money, as it makes it possible to keep track of income and expenses. It can be synchronised with bank accounts (it accepts the majority of Spanish entities) to have reports of the money coming in and going out automatically, securely and without having to enter it manually.

It also allows you to classify each expense by category so you know if you spend more on transport, restaurants or daily shopping, for example. And it also has a function that warns you when you have duplicate commissions or receipts or the date on which an insurance policy expires.

Keep your mind active

Having moments of rest is also necessary for health. For this reason, it is advisable to have a games application such as minigames, which offers different games to play. You can find games such as billiards, bowling, games for children or games of chance.

However, if you want to play more specialised games, for example, casino games, it is advisable to go to a mobile casino online and download their application or use the instant play versions. Here you will find classic games such as slots, where you can play and win real money. You can always have access to more than 10,000 free slot machines, so you do not have to risk your money. Sweet Bonanza or Piggy Megaways are some of the examples you can find.

Get fit

To exercise, the Freeletics application offers training programmes to do at any time and any place without the need for a gym, machines or weights. All you have to do is perform the movements it proposes. The programmes are suitable for beginners and advanced exercisers and you can gradually progress to get better and better.

Freeletics has a log that allows you to see the evolution of your times, calories burned and duration of your workouts. It also allows you to compare yourself with other users to motivate yourself.

Track calories and diet

Calculating calories in your diet can help make it easier to follow a programme to lose, gain or maintain weight. The MyFitnessPal app is the most popular way to do this. By entering your age, height, weight, goal and activity level, it helps create a profile with the correct energy balance.

You can see your daily calorie target and by simply entering the name of the food, serving size and brand, its database will calculate how many calories you eat.

Learn languages

Duolingo is one of the most popular applications for practising and learning languages for free. It does so in a simple way through different activities and mini-games that involve everything from listening to speaking and writing. And they can be done in periods of up to 10 minutes.

English, French, German, Japanese and many more. This is adjusted to the user’s level of knowledge and each time poses new challenges with which to learn vocabulary and grammar according to it in order to progress gradually.

Password protection

More and more people have passwords for online sites such as social networks, websites and e-mails. To remember them all and keep them safe, there are password manager applications for smartphones such as LastPass. It allows you to keep them all in one place so that you never forget them and never have to reset them again.

Amongst its functions, there is the possibility of storing logins on different platforms, generating new secure passwords to maintain a constant flow of security or synchronising information between different devices.

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