Age-related hearing loss common, but seniors don't seek help for it early

Published:Dec 6, 202305:04


Ms Leem urged relations to encourage seniors to get their hearing checked in the event that they present indicators of hearing loss. If ailments involving the ear or hearing are detected, medical intervention would be the first step. Otherwise, a hearing assist or cochlear implant is the answer, Dr Loo mentioned. “Most importantly, the medical team need to devise a customised plan based on patient’s needs, degree of hearing loss and lifestyle,” she mentioned.President of the Hearing Professionals Association Ronald Pang mentioned that hearing aids are modelled for assorted way of life wants. A senior who is just not very cellular and carrying the help primarily in a quiet dwelling setting would profit from a “basic model” that price a “few hundred dollars”.More clever hearing aids designed for energetic retirees price more, but can suppress noise higher or have Bluetooth options linked to their cellphones. Premium fashions additionally function more successfully in opposition to echos and wind, Mr Pang mentioned.“The most expensive hearing aids in the premium range, designed for working adults and those with higher expectations, can cost more than S$7,000 each,” he mentioned.Beyond getting fitted with hearing aids, it is necessary to take care of them and go for a follow-up inside three months of being prescribed, mentioned senior Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at Farrer Park Hospital Dr Soon Sue Rene. Dr Soon additionally burdened that there must be more consciousness about hearing loss.“Hearing is important for healthy ageing. It shouldn’t be the case that you are 60 or above 60, think hearing loss is normal and then wait again for years before it becomes moderate to severe to seek help,” she mentioned.“That will be a bit too late because it comes with dementia, cognitive decline and social isolation.”

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