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A Well-Meaning But Flawed Border Western

No Man’s Land is a well-meaning, however inherently flawed western drama. A Texas border rancher’s son flees into Mexico after by chance killing an immigrant boy. The movie makes an attempt to humanize the thorny concern of unlawful immigration from a number of factors of view. Its objectives are admirable, however the narrative succumbs to contrivances and simplistic exposition. The reversal of fortune storyline turns into clichéd via unrealistic plot developments. That mentioned, No Man’s Land may be appreciated for its noble efforts.

No Man’s Land opens with the Greer household working diligently to corral their cattle. Invoice Greer (Frank Grillo) has skilled his two sons, Lucas (Alex MacNicoll) and Jackson (Jake Allyn), to be greater than competent horsemen. He and his spouse (Andie MacDowell) are particularly enthusiastic about Jackson’s future prospects. He is been invited to check out for the New York Yankees minor league baseball crew. The Greers face a relentless battle on the ranch. Mexican immigrants trespass on their land to attempt to cross the border.

Gustavo (Jorge A. Jiménez) leads a small group of immigrants via the damaging “no man’s land” between Texas and Mexico. He is accompanied by his sons and mom. A Christian with deep religion, Gustavo is fondly known as “the shepherd.” On a darkish evening, they encounter Invoice and his sons as they seek for scattered cattle. A skirmish results in a devastating end result. Jackson escapes into Mexico consumed by guilt. He is chased by a Texas Ranger (George Lopez) searching for the reality behind the lethal incident.

Jake Allyn, who stars as Jackson, co-wrote the script. His brother, Conor Allyn, directs. Their purpose is to determine empathy for the characters struggling on all sides of the border. Monetary hardship has led to tragedy for 2 households. Jackson additionally learns the kindness of Mexicans as he’s helped a number of instances on the run. He turns into the unlawful alien, determined for assist in an odd and unknown surroundings. The Allyns have admirable intentions with their narrative. The issue is that No Man’s Land strays into unbelievable and admittedly patronizing territory. The complete second act is just too fantastical. The movie loses gravitas by repeatedly placing the protagonist in implausible conditions that profit him.

I’ve a serious concern with a key supporting character. George Lopez co-stars as Ramirez, a Texas Ranger who cannot converse Spanish. The concept that he can be despatched into Mexico to retrieve Jackson is ludicrous. He has nice issue speaking along with his Mexican counterparts and the locals he needs to interrogate. This subplot is mindless in any respect. I can solely guess that Jake Allyn did not wish to paint each Hispanic character with the identical ethic brush. This can be a significantly massive misstep that additionally detracts from the seriousness of the first story arc.

Unlawful immigration on the southern border is a firestorm of division on this nation. The Greers aren’t militia or “Minutemen”, however they’ve a proper to guard their property and livelihood. The Latin People fleeing poverty and violence are determined for a greater life. No Man’s Land embraces each factors of view whereas making an attempt to be considerate and teachable. The movie, on the entire, shouldn’t be profitable; however does convey its message of understanding. No Man’s Land would have benefited from a rewrite to pare down a number of characters. No Man’s Land is a manufacturing of Margate Home Movies. It’ll have a concurrent theatrical and premium video on demand launch from IFC Movies on January twenty second.

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