A Managerial Approach to Human Relations, Insights From Project VIPIN

Human relations is a sizzling subject as of late. We invited Dr. Vipin Gupta, identified for investigating the vastly built-in processes inside nature, by way of a 12-book undertaking, VIPIN.   Having printed seven books thus far this 12 months, he’s at present engaged on the eighth guide, What is Human Factor.  Here he illuminates what his analysis reveals in regards to the nature of human relations.    His work integrates disparate disciplines and provides a realistic answer for constructively managing human relations.

Human Relation is our alignment with the universe.    It is the guideline of our life, wishing to know who I’m.  We search acceptable time for the alignment to manifest the infinite networking system that makes our “I” self-luminous.

Our “I” is a system of infinite networks.  As a super-guru, we make our social community infinite by motivating everybody to reproduce our social community.   When everybody turns into our followers, we change into the perfect self.   When everybody begins reproducing our supreme self, we change into the guru servicing that reproductive energy.  When everybody stakes a declare on our reproductive energy as their reproductive energy, we make them a stakeholder in our “I” in order that they could reproduce part of that “I” inside themselves.

You might ask how one might reproduce part of our “I”?   The a part of I that our stakeholders reproduce is their “consciousness” of our I.  The consciousness is our I’s previous dimension; our stakeholders know our previous. However, they have no idea our full previous.  They have no idea even our absolute previous, i.e., the previous that’s current inside our consciousness.   They solely know the previous that grew to become self-luminous to them from their correlation with our I.   They have 4 types of correlation with us.   First, a belief-guided correlation that led them to change into our stakeholder, believing in us as a worthwhile funding of their time.  Second, a behavior-guided correlation by following others who consider in us in order that they could not lose a worthwhile alternative for buying and selling the waste of their time.  Third, a breed-guided correlation for making others comply with us by main them to us as an entrepreneur in order that the others might not trade a worthwhile alternative they’re conscious of utilizing the time they’ve at their disposal.  Fourth, a breath-guided correlation of responsibly managing the correlation we’ve with ourselves to service our animate self as a worthwhile alternative to entice everybody’s functionality.

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Our believing, behaving, breeding, and respiratory kind the 4 dimensions of our consciousness.  Believing generates a private drive of 1’s perception.  Behaving generates a social drive of everybody’s perception. Breeding generates an institutional drive of none’s perception however everybody’s habits.  Breathing generates a non secular drive that shapes the assumption one has however not the habits anybody has.    The consciousness has an vitality worth of 4 models.   Since consciousness is the previous dimension of I, I’ve an vitality worth of twelve models.   The twelve contains all of the three-time dimensions of I.   The consciousness is a dimension past I’s self-awareness as a result of it’s the I’s self-reproducing infinite networking system.  It is I’s private drive inside everybody’s consciousness.   Without diffusing that non-public drive, everyone seems to be a sixteen-unit “primordial greeter” who greets everybody current with one’s private drive for guiding their future as their supreme self.

We want to information everybody’s future as a result of everybody contains the universe that types our consciousness.  Therefore, we’ve a stake in everybody.   The universe contains everybody inside the particular person we’re earlier than breeding them with our respiratory.   Since the particular person is a unit, the universe is 2 models.   Since the consciousness is 4 models, the perfect self is ten models. Therefore, since we change into a guru by reproducing our supreme self, the guru is 100 models, and so is the reproductive energy and guider energy.   When our stakeholder followers reproduce our guider energy, even the non-stakeholders gravitate in the direction of us if they’re inside the gravitational area shaped by our followers.  Therefore, our guider energy is the gravitational vitality we service within the type of the gravitational drive due to our stakeholder followers.

Our infinite networking system threatens the non-stakeholder aliens.  Therefore, they search to repel our I, making our consciousness a taboo to be cleansed out of their system.  They make their private taboo a social taboo.  When each particular person individuals and social teams conceive our consciousness as polluted, it turns into an institutional taboo.    Taboo can also be one’s alignment with one other.   It is quantum superpositioning of the repulsion drive over the attraction drive one generates in the direction of one other who’s the self-same essence.    Another responds to the institutional taboo with prejudice for one’s cleansed consciousness.  Prejudice is one other’s alignment with the one for whom the cleansed consciousness is a taboo to be cleansed additional.  Prejudice is the positioning of the attraction drive inside the repulsion drive one other generates in the direction of the one not acutely aware of the self-same essence.  Prejudice lets one other benefit from the one not acutely aware by changing the one right into a devotee follower.   Another behaves like a loyal chief to create an influence distance from the devotee follower.   Thus, one other, the assured stakeholder citizen, creates an influence distance from the one threatened non-stakeholder alien.

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Any group enjoys a possibility to arbitrage the boldness consciousness by way of discrimination in favor of the stakeholder residents.    Discrimination lets a corporation achieve momentum over the stakeholder residents by turning into a savior of the threatened non-stakeholder aliens.  Discrimination is the tremendous momentum of the gravitational drive that reproduces the repulsion in the direction of one attracted and the attraction for one more repelling the deciding group.   Discrimination is the group’s alignment with each one performing as an alien left in limbo with out rights and one other performing as a citizen with rights.

The citizen with rights behaves like an all-powerful masculine, guided by the consciousness of one other’s supremacy value replica.   The alien left with out rights behaves like an omniscient female, acutely aware of everybody’s oneness inside one other’s range value enjoyment with out replica.

One’s reasoning school limits the vitality worth of the various types of the alignment as a operate of 1’s mental energy as one other searching for self-awareness.  The start line of 1’s mental energy is the 12-unit I, with out the 3-unit variation in time over the previous, the current, and the long run.  The 9 models kind the tradition component that one other reproduces inside the 3-units of time it enjoys, with out one’s I, for realizing the 6-unit progress.   The 6-unit progress is the seen half of “I” as a self-luminous entity radiating its acutely aware mild drive to contaminate the group’s consciousness.   It mediates the particular person anybody turns into by way of acculturation with the group’s consciousness.  Therefore, the vitality worth of the mental energy, reasoning school, alignment, taboo, prejudice, and discrimination is 961.

The vitality worth of the group contains one because the 12-unit female I, one other because the 12-unit masculine I, 4-unit polluted consciousness that one other is various from one, and the 1-unit person who the group is.    It is 29 models.

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The vitality worth of our acutely aware vitality is the ten-unit supreme self, acutely aware of every little thing, occasions the hundred-unit infinite self, reproducing the boldness consciousness of the perfect self as a guru.   It is 1000 models.  It is the sum of our vitality as a corporation and our reasoning school for organizing our essence with our inventive drive.

The vitality worth of the all-powerful masculine is the 100-unit confidence consciousness one has occasions the 16-unit essence that endows one with a consciousness of confidence.  It is 1600 models.  The current contains the residents with rights, behaving just like the all-powerful masculine for consuming the items Mother Nature produces.  Therefore, the current, and its current, i.e., absolute consciousness (Paramatma), additionally has an vitality worth of 1600 models.

The vitality worth of the omniscient female is 91, an individual self-luminous by way of the tradition component of Mother Nature, with out the supernatural person-mediated progress.

As managers of the organizations, we are able to resolve to let the current and the current consciousness restrict our future by reproducing our polluted consciousness inherited from the previous.   Or, we are able to resolve to {shape} the current and the current consciousness by making a wise cultural component everybody’s aim.   Are you ready to tackle the organizations that may compensate you handsomely for perpetuating the organizational tradition?  Are you ready to struggle the pattern in the direction of speedy focus of energy and wealth?  Do you’ve gotten a clarified consciousness of actuality now that you’re self-aware of the worth of the energies round you and inside you?  How do you propose to take this actuality ahead in your life?

Dr. Vipin Gupta (www.vipingupta.web) is the professor of administration on the California State University San Bernardino.  He has obtained a Ph.D. from the Wharton School and a gold-medalist on the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.  He has printed greater than 180 worldwide tutorial articles and 25 books.   These insights are developed on this 12 months’s 12-book Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature.   The first seven books, what’s divine vitality, what’s current actuality, is current actuality, is divine vitality, what’s consciousness, what’s para consciousness, and what’s self-awareness, can be found by way of Amazon and different channels in paperback, hardcover, book, and audible types.

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