8 All-Time Best Rolex Timepieces You Should Know About

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Are you planning to invest in luxury watches? If this is your first time buying a luxury timepiece, it’s best to choose a brand or manufacturer that will never let you down. Every luxury watch brand has its unique take on creativity and innovation. They have different personalities, much like any other designer and branded fashion line. Because of that, making sure that you know more about a brand is very important.

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When talking about classic and elegant timepieces, there’s no other name that will come to mind except for Rolex. Over the years, this Swiss watch manufacturer has proven its prowess in creating some of the best timepieces in the world. It is one of the reasons why every watch collector and aficionado in the world still applaud this timepiece.

Rolex History

Rolex traces its roots back to 1915 in Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in London. This luxury watch started its operations in England before World War I. After that, the company transferred its headquarters and manufacturing to Switzerland.

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Since the Swiss are well-known for producing high-quality clocks and watches, the company’s move has become an asset to their business. Rolex started making waves in the industry as they created some of the most notable high-performing timepieces in the world. Rolex holds the record of having the most certified chronographs under their turf.

Fast forward to today, Rolex has become the epitome of classic luxury timepieces and the most powerful sports watches in the world. Because of its highly-regarded reputation, the company has had the chance to collaborate with some trusted institutions in sports and athletic teams. Rolex has released a couple of collections specific to the events conducted by these entities.

Rolex timepieces you should about

There are over a hundred pieces of Rolex watches produced in a year. Because of that, you can guarantee that it’s easy to find a timepiece that will not only match your personality but will also be valuable to your activities. Here are some of the most popular Rolex watches that you should know about, so you can decide which one to get for yourself or as a gift to a special someone.

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1. Oyster Perpetual

Dubbed as the quintessential Rolex, the Oyster Perpetual collection is one of the most expensive timepieces of the company. It is equipped with the most reliable chronographs and precise movements. The Oyster Perpetual has a unique aesthetic that stands out among other collections in the Maison. Its exterior is made with high-end stainless steel paired with a dial that comes in a variety of colors. It’s also not too big or too small which makes it perfect for all genders. If you are aiming for a simple and minimalist collection of classic timepieces, this model will suit your taste.

2. Explorer and Explorer II

Launched in 1953, the Rolex Explorer is considered one of the most durable and robust timepieces of the brand. It has been tried and tested to survive extreme exposure to the outdoors. This makes it a perfect pick for adventurous individuals who have a lust for exploration. To improve the already attractive features of this collection, Rolex also released Explorer II in the 1970s. The new version is equipped with more advanced chronometers for water and land adventures.

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3. Sky Dweller

Are you a frequent traveler? If you often move from one country to another, it’s best to pick a luxury watch with features that can help you monitor multiple time zones. Rolex Sky Dweller is built specifically for individuals who love to travel. It has impressive features such as annual calendars and dual time zones which are perfect for you. Moreover, these timepieces are very stylish and come in a variety of colors and designs to match your personality and preference.

4. Sea Dweller

Diving is becoming one of the most popular extreme sports nowadays. This sport is not only designed for professionals in the sea but also for individuals who appreciate the beauty of the ocean. Because of that, Rolex also released the Sea Dweller collection which has the capacity to withstand deep exposure to water. It can survive over 1200 meters or 3900 depths of water. This high-end technology uses a helium valve feature that decompresses once you’re out of the water. An impressive mechanism, indeed.

5. Cellini

Classic timepieces are the brand ethos of Rolex. Because of that, you can surely find a watch that is best to wear for formal occasions such as an evening gala. Making a comeback from its limited edition release in 1964, the Cellini collection is inspired by an Italian Renaissance goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini. It is composed of sophisticated timepieces designed with an elegant date window on the dial. It comes in a variety of designs as well which is perfect for both men and women.

6. GMT Master

Another high-end collection for travelers is the GMT Master II. It’s a bold timepiece equipped with various features such as the combination of chronographs and date windows that can monitor up to three time zones simultaneously. It’s an upgrade from the older GMT Master model that can only track up to two time zones. If you are looking for an impressive timepiece with a high performing mechanism, this model is best for you.

7. Cosmograph Daytona

If you are into car racing or other speed racing events, you can check out the iconic Cosmograph Daytona collection. These timepieces are inspired by the namesake’s professional race car drivers. Launched in 1963, the Cosmograph Daytona collection is built with high-end and fully functional chronographs that will help you track milliseconds to the last dot.

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8. Air King

Paying tribute to the brave British Royal Air Force, Rolex released the Air King collection after World War I. It is one of the pioneer collections that the brand created after moving to Switzerland. It is built with features designed for aviation activities. This collection has limited edition designs that both collectors and enthusiasts admire.

In Conclusion

When investing in luxury watches, it’s best to know more about the brand you have chosen. As much as possible, pick the ones with the most reliable mechanism and sterling reputation in terms of watch manufacturing. With its years of experience, Rolex has proven that it is worthy of your every penny. Get a Rolex timepiece for yourself today. Visit to get some inspiration.

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