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Nipples. They’re the very first physique half to develop in fetuses within the womb, so we are able to deduce their significance from that truth.

Besides that, nipples are an erogenous zone that takes enjoyable instances within the bed room to the following degree. And for these amongst us who’ve youngsters, we all know very effectively that nipples carry out the all-important perform of manufacturing milk for our newborns.

However, a few of us could also be feeling just a little self-conscious concerning the look of our nipples. If you’re peering into your shirt to catch a peek, it’s possible you’ll start to marvel to your self whether or not they’re regular and for those who ought to have pink nipples as a substitute.

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So, what’s regular?

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Credit: Kristina Shcherbina/Pexels

Chances are, sure, your nipples are completely regular – it doesn’t matter what color or measurement they’re. That’s as a result of nipples and breasts are available all colors, sizes, and shapes. According to dermatologist and paediatrician Dr Tsippora Shainhouse, there’re eight totally different sorts of nipples, together with flat, puffy and inverted ones.

Dr Shainhouse provides reassuringly, “There is no one universal template of normal and women should not have to feel like they must fit a single standard mold.”

Whether you’ve obtained brown or beige or pink nipples and areolas, know that they’re all completely regular. The color is definitely dependent by yourself pores and skin color. So in case you have lighter pores and skin, your nipples will naturally be lighter in color, whereas for those who’ve obtained darker pores and skin, your nipples will doubtless be darker.

Makes good sense, doesn’t it?

What’s NOT regular although, is a sudden inversion of the nipples, nipple discharge whenever you’re not at present breastfeeding, or sudden lumps and bumps that develop underneath the areola whenever you’re not pregnant. You’ll wish to verify these adjustments out with a trusted physician.

What causes the color of our nipples to vary?

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Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels

As it seems, color adjustments are fairly regular. So don’t be alarmed in case your pink nipples out of the blue darken a wee bit.

The foremost purpose in your nipple’s colour-changing talents is fluctuating hormone ranges.

This could be on account of being pregnant, breastfeeding, the upcoming arrival of your interval, or for those who’re taking any contraceptive drugs – principally, something that causes an enormous spike or dip within the feminine hormones progesterone and estrogen.

Pink nipples: Ways to tint your nipples pink

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Credit: Cottonbro/Pexels

As now we have already stated, there is no such thing as a good nipple color. And we’re all for normalising nipples of their numerous colors, simply as all pores and skin colors are stunning too.

You’re actually allowed to have a desire although! If you want your nipples darker, you’re in luck cos most traditional age issues will trigger them to go darker. But for those who like them lighter and pinker, does that imply that there’s no hope?

Fret not, my buddies. Because when you can’t undo the years and hormones, you possibly can most actually use these protected products and treatments to edge them nearer to pink for those who so need.

Let’s have a peek!

Pink nipple lotions

These lotions largely work by tinting the nipple a reasonably shade of pink, so the outcome isn’t everlasting. Think of it as make-up in your nips!

Many of those additionally include emollient substances that moisturise the pores and skin and antioxidants to encourage the pores and skin to shed free radicals because it renews itself. These products that we’ve discovered (under) include pure lively substances that are nice for delicate pores and skin, so that you largely received’t have to fret about itching or irritation.

Steer away from sturdy bleaching lotions which include a excessive focus of hydroquinone and mercury as they’ve been proven to have hyperlinks to most cancers.

You’ll additionally wish to hit the pause button on these lotions for those who’re breastfeeding, pregnant or in case your interval is upcoming as a result of your nipples are notably delicate throughout these intervals.

Nipple and areola micropigmentation

If you need one thing just a little extra everlasting (about two or three years), you possibly can take into account going for a micropigmentation session at a trusted clinic to attain pink nipples.

This process was initially supposed for individuals who’ve completed a mastectomy and wish to do a breast reconstruction. It’s completed by specialised artists who bear intensive coaching to tattoo the nipple and areola space with pure and delicate dye pigments.

As for the process itself, you’ll be blissful to know it’s pretty easy. Using a sterile digital pen needle, the artist will tattoo the pigments fastidiously on the nipple in line with what was mentioned prior. And you needn’t fear about ache, a numbing cream shall be utilized!

Your nipple shall be dressed after the process and you’ll want to go away the dressing on for not less than 24 hours. The scabs beneath shouldn’t be picked at, although, so resist the urge to peel them off.

One final thing: don’t be alarmed in case your nipple appears darker than what you had wished – it takes as much as six weeks for the ultimate color to settle, and will look fairly a bit darker for the primary few days.

Products for pink nipples

1. Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain

pink nipples benefit cosmetics

You could have already got this bestselling product in your drawer as a cheek or lip tint. Here’s an attention-grabbing little bit of historical past: This flush was initially made as a nipple tint for unique dancers in 1976! Back then, the dancers wanted to attract consideration to their nipples, and what higher technique to do it than by turning them a beautiful pink?

Get it at S$31 from Sephora.

2. Nenhong Bioaqua Pink Body Cream

pink nipples bioaqua

This made-in-Korea cream guarantees to provide you pink nipples, powered by cherry blossom extract. It’s completely non-toxic and moisturising so you possibly can even apply this to the labia for those who wished to lighten your decrease bits, however do proceed with warning as a result of the pores and skin of your decrease girl bits could be much more delicate than the nipples.

Get it at S$2.48 from Shopee.

3. Bioglo Cherry Pink Lip and Nipple Cream

pink nipples bioglo

As with many of the products on this checklist, this isn’t precisely a cream to lighten the nipples – it really works extra like a tinted lip balm. With key emollient substances like shea butter, jojoba ester and squalene, this cream is nice for soothing dry and chapped nipples. (Yeah they’re really a factor!)

It additionally accommodates Crithmum Maritimum often known as sea fennel, which is typically dubbed because the retinol of the ocean for its pores and skin rejuvenation properties. All that apart, making use of this in your nips will tint them a radiant, cheeky pink that’ll make sure you put a smile in your face.

Get it at S$2.48 from Shopee.

4. Pinky Queen Top Pack Nipple Cream

pink nipples pinky queen

A pore strip to take away any blackheads or sebaceous filaments out of your nipples to disclose child easy pores and skin under? Yes, please. We promise that it’s 100% as satisfying because it sounds to peel off the highest layer of useless pores and skin off, eradicating the build-up of oil within the pores in your nips.

Bonus factors: it really leaves a beautiful, radiant pink tint on the pores and skin after you peel it off – therefore tinting your bits with a rosy flush.

Get it at S$27.90 from Qoo10.

5. Pretty Skin Design Your Beauty Nipple Cream


This light-weight cream contains a fairly, recent pink tint, that will give your nipples a serious glow-up upon utility. Containing egg yolk and milk protein extracts to nourish the delicate pores and skin of your nipples and areola, in addition to niacinamide to stop moisture loss – it’s a reasonably nourishing cream in itself!

Get it at S$16.74 from YesModel.

6. Beppin Body Virgin White Serum

pink nipples beppin

The title of this product could sound mild and virginal. Well, mild it most actually is, and completely appropriate for particularly delicate pores and skin. Its foremost ingredient is cherry leaf extract, which is wealthy in antioxidants and Vitamins C and E, to scale back pigmentation and plump up the pores and skin.

It additionally accommodates soybean extract, cucon extract, aloe vera leaf extract, and chlorella extract to enhance the pores and skin’s collagen manufacturing in addition to its elasticity and radiance.

We wager you’d be happy to know that apart from reaching pink nipples, you possibly can apply this cream to different darkened elements of your physique too, just like the bikini line, armpits, elbows and knees.

Get it at roughly S$25 from Kokoro Japan Store.

We’ve obtained a remaining phrase for you women: by all means, rock pink nipples for a enjoyable change, however do keep in mind that ALL nipple colors are regular and stunning!

Featured picture: Cottonbro/Pexels

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