5 Unique Rummy Game Strategies to Become a Legendary Rummy Player

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Indian rummy is a dynamic game where the outcome depends on the skill of the player. Players who play regularly and have acquired the necessary skills have a better chance of winning the game. Since it is a skill game, players must think before every move to improve their chances of winning. You will need a combination of skills, strategy and focus in order to win an online rummy game. 

Rummy players use several skills and strategies against their opponents. While there are some popular rummy strategies that almost everyone is aware of, there are also some lesser-known tips that will help you win a game of rummy. Some players learn these tips from friends and family, while others acquire them through regular practice. 

Regardless of where you learn these strategies, you can use them in online rummy games to beat your opponent or win a tournament. If you want to indulge in a game of rummy, Junglee Rummy is the perfect app to play free games with players all over the world. 

Here are 5 unique strategies that you can utilize and master with practice to become a legendary rummy player. 

  1. Memorize the cards discarded by your opponent 

Whenever you discard a card, you must ensure that it is of no use to your opponent. Remembering your opponent’s discarded cards will be extremely useful in helping you find the best cards to discard. When you pay attention to the game and notice the cards discarded by your opponent, you can adjust your game strategy and improve your chances of winning the online rummy game. 

Let’s say your opponent has discarded a 6 of hearts. In that case, discarding 7 or 8 of hearts is most likely safe as there are high chances that your opponent will not pick them. This will help you get rid of your cards without helping your opponent during the game. 

  1. Prioritize creating a pure sequence 

Having a pure sequence in hand is essential to winning a game of rummy. This is why your first priority must be to create a pure sequence. So when you receive cards, quickly arrange them in groups that have a high probability of forming a pure sequence. 

Sometimes you get dealt good cards, and you only have to arrange them in order to form a pure sequence. If you only have multiple combinations that can be created into a pure sequence, you should prioritize them first. Remember that you need at least two sequences to make a valid declaration, and out of those two sequences, one must be a pure sequence. 

So if you want to maximize your chances of winning, try to create a pure sequence as quickly as you can. Once you have made the sequence, you can shift your focus to creating the remaining required combinations. 

  1. Don’t sideline the joker 

Joker is one of the best cards in 13-card rummy. Players who know how to use their jokers wisely have a better chance of winning the game. So if you are trying to become an expert rummy player, you should try to use your joker wisely. 

Online rummy games have one printed joker and 4 wild jokers per deck. All of these jokers can be used to create impure sequences and sets. Suppose you have a 5 and 6 of hearts and a joker (either printed or wild), you can use it as a replacement for 4 or 7 of hearts to create an impure sequence. 

Since players need at least two sequences to win the game (out of which one must be a pure sequence), a joker will help you get there quickly. If you use your joker to create a sequence of high-value cards, you can even reduce your overall score and maximize your chances of winning. 

  1. Bait your opponent 

Baiting is one of the best strategies that you can use in a game of rummy. When you are playing online and need a particular card to complete a required combination, you can use this strategy to acquire that card. 

Let’s say you have jack, ace and queen of spades. You cannot create a sequence out of these cards. But if you get a king of spades, you can complete your sequence. In this case, you can either discard the ace or the jack of spades as bait to your opponent. 

Believing that you do not require the card, your opponent may discard the king of spades from their hand. If they do take your bait and throw away the card that you need, it will help you create the required combinations and maximize your chances of winning. 

  1. Think outside the box 

In a game of rummy, players need to keep changing their strategies to beat their opponent. You may try several tricks, but sometimes none of them work. This is when creative thinking comes to the rescue. Rummy cannot be mastered only by memorizing a few moves and tricks. You will need to use your mind and skills throughout the game. 

If you want to build up skills, you should keep trying new things, such as revising your strategy according to the situation in the game. For instance, people usually discard their high-value cards at the beginning of a game. However, if you hold them for a couple of moves, you can use the cards discarded by your opponents to form sequences and sets. So when playing rummy, you should keep trying and building new strategies and sharpening your skills. 


Becoming a legendary rummy player is not that difficult. If you use your skills correctly and practice regularly, you will become an expert player in no time. These strategies will increase your chances of winning a game and beating your opponents. If you think you have impeccable rummy skills, you can use them productively by playing the rummy game competitively. Play cash rummy and use your rummy skills to win real money on the Junglee Rummy cash app. Download the app from Junglee Rummy’s website today!

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