5 Tips on Installing a Honda Civic Starter

There could be a lot of reasons why your engine won’t turn over. It might be a dead or dying battery, a bad alternator or corroded connection cables. It could also be the result of a failing starter. Other signs that your starter is failing include hearing unusual noises such as grinding or whirring or intermittent problems with starting the engine. Generally, replacing a starter in a Honda Civic is considered to be a moderately simple task that can be done at home. Parts could cost a few hundred dollars. 

Raise & Support Your Civic Properly

Making sure your vehicle is on even ground and isn’t going to move around on you is essential for success. You should never rely on a single jack to support the weight of the vehicle. Two jacks should be used, with each placed against the chassis. Activate the emergency brake to help ensure that there’s no slippage when you’re working to loosen or tighten the bolts.

Be Patient Bolting in the Starter

The starter is held in place by three bolts but it can be hard to get to because it’s up against the intake manifold. People often have trouble with the top bolt, especially, because of how difficult it is to access. Patience can prevent you from stripping the screw and making the process a lot more difficult.

Find the Best Space to work In

The pros say that the easiest way to remove the old starter and get the new one installed is through the passenger-side wheel well. Though it requires taking that tire off, it opens up the space in a way that can’t be done from above and it gives you plenty of room to employ a long-handle wrench, like a 14-mm flex socket.

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Pay Attention to Your Connections

A battery charger can be the difference between being stranded and getting back on the road. If your connections aren’t as tight as they should be – or if you miss one – you’ll be wondering why your new installation didn’t work. When reconnecting to the battery, make sure to start with the positive terminal first. 

Protect Your Hands

Just like wash cleaners and exterior care products are important for keeping your vehicle looking shiny and new, gloves will protect your hands from getting shredded while you’re trying to manipulate things adjacent to the Honda’s engine. The space is cramped and when tools slip instead of keeping their grip, your hand moves with them. It only takes an inch or two to cause significant pain and damage.

If your Honda Civic starter is failing, it should be changed immediately. Its deterioration can affect other parts of the vehicle, such as the engine flywheel. Because it is a mechanical system that is powered by electricity, it could overheat, which could lead to smoke and fire under the hood. Replacing the starter can be done by anybody with a basic understanding of auto mechanics and a good set of tools. Visit an auto parts store today to pick up your new starter or any parts or accessories you need for smoother driving tomorrow. 

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